Undelivered parcel

Our rate of undelivered parcels to final recipients is very low, thanks to reliable transport processes and continuous parcel tracking.

If the recipient has not received the expected parcel, GLS recommends following the procedure below:

Check your SMS and e-mail inbox (including the spam folder), to see if there has been a message about the current status of the parcel, possibly stating the reason for non-delivery or a link to the online DeliveryManager application.

If the recipient has not yet received this number from the sender or GLS via SMS or e-mail, he must request it from the sender. GLS is unable to provide any information without the parcel number.

Use the parcel number to find out the status of the parcel for online parcel tracking.


GLS customer department is able to provide more information or arrange a new delivery of the parcel based on the parcel shipping number.


Damaged parcel

The rate of damaged parcels at GLS is consistently low thanks to the use of modern handling and safety technologies. Nevertheless, this cannot be completely ruled out in the process of industrial parcel processing.

  • The consignee may accept the consignment subject to reservation. The courier is obliged to write a damage record on the spot, a copy of which will also be received by the recipient. Damaged outer / transport packaging is not a reason for complaint. In the event of damaged contents of the parcel, the consignee must immediately contact the sender of the shipment, who will resolve the complaint with GLS.
  • The consignee may reject the shipment altogether. GLS returns the parcel to the sender, who then agrees with the recipient on the next steps in fulfilling the order.

  • The consignee must immediately contact the sender, or the customer of the transport with GLS, who will file a complaint with GLS.