Dear Customers,

In the context of sending export packages to countries outside the EU, we have switched to a new electronic portal, which must now be used for all packages sent to customs areas. This online form allows you to enter your export information, attach an invoice or Export Accompanying Document and submit the data. With the move to this system, it is no longer possible to arrange for the issue of Customs Export Documents (CEDs) via GLS, they must be electronically attached to the system once issued.

This portal allows the use of a custom API. The current method of data and document transmission will no longer be accepted.

To create access to the new customs portal, contact .


As an international transport expert, GLS offers its parcel delivery services to companies of various sizes, as well as to individuals.

E-shops with large volumes of regularly sent shipments will find in GLS a strong partner with a low rate of shipment damage, strong customer orientation, and above all high quality delivery.
B2B Companies
Companies that do not run an e-shop, but still dispatch parcel volumes, can benefit from reliable GLS services with high delivery quality and a wide range of additional services.
Solution for e-shops and companies with fewer parcels
Thanks to e-Balik PROFI, even companies with fewer packages can take advantage of GLS professional services.
Private senders
For individuals who sends one or a few parcels a year, GLS has a solution. Occasional senders can submit parcels through GLS ParcelShop or order pickup via e-Balík.

Information for senders