Goods excluded from transportation

The following types of goods are excluded from transport via the GLS logistics network:

  • Unpacked or insufficiently packaged goods
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Tied parcels
  • Perishable goods, infectious or smelly
  • Car batteries, pressure vessels
  • Tyres for motor vehicles (except motorbikes)
  • Unwrapped and wrapped wheel rims
  • Liquid goods, in particular goods packed in buckets, jerry cans, cans, glass containers, etc.
  • Human and animal remains
  • Live animals and plants
  • Consignments in bags or sacks
  • High value goods (cash, valuables, jewelry, etc.)
  • Works of art and objects of emotional value
  • Thermally unstable goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • Ammunition, firearms and explosives
  • Shipments addressed to P.O. recipient box

The complete list of excluded goods is in the General Terms and Conditions

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