How to become a GLS Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shop sites are found in GLS contractual partner's premises. Partners thus offer high quality GLS parcel services, alongside their regular business, and enlarge their clientele and get another revenue stream.

Become a Parcel Shop

Advantages of GLS Parcel Shops

Another source of income
You will get a provision for every parcel.
New customers
Parcel dispatch and pickup brings new customers to your store.
Higher retention
Offering new services will increase customer retention rate.
Marketing options
We will promote your store online on our website.

What does a Parcel Shop owner do?

Each GLS Parcel Shop becomes part of the GLS shipping network with more than 40,000 drop-off points and is in daily contact with parcels travelling across Europe.

driver with parcels in a parcel shop

Receiving parcels for sending

You will receive labelled packages from the e-Package app for dispatch across Europe.

recipient in a gls parcelshop

Handing over parcels for delivery

You will pick up the parcels on behalf of the recipients who had the parcels delivered to the Parcel Shop.

More information can be found in the GLS Parcel Shop operation guidelines.

Your shop first

  • We won't overwhelm you with packages, you'll need about a square metre to store them.
  • It takes less than a minute to send and receive packages in our simple app.
  • You get all the equipment from us free of charge.
  • Quick and easy online training available for all employees.

GLS ParcelShop support team, waiting for applications
woman, owner of a gls parcelshop

Requirements for the shop

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection
  • At least a square metre to store packages
  • Easy parking close to the store is an advantage
  • Friendly staff demeanor and pro-customer attitude

How does GLS Parcel Shop work?

Take a peek with us at the Čajová zahrada shop in Prague on Veletržní Street and find out what running a GLS Parcel Shop is all about.


Fill out a short online form and we will get back to you shortly to arrange all the details of our future cooperation.

Become a Parcel Shop

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