Parcel tracking with ZIP code - FAQ

To locate your parcel, you must enter the parcel number and the postal code (ZIP code) at the delivery address.

If you are redirecting a parcel to an address or Pick-up point with a different zip code, enter the zip code of the original delivery address.

You can find the addresses of all our ParcelShop drop-off points and all our serviced parcel machines on our website.

Pick-up points finder

Yes. If you want to track multiple parcels at the same time, you need to enter own zip code for each parcel number and separate the data with a comma or semicolon. For example:

  • Package number: 123456; 234567; 345678
  • ZIP CODE: 11000; 61200; 11000

If you are having trouble locating the status or history of a parcel, make sure you are entering the correct zip code for the delivery address or pick-up point that was selected for delivery.

If you need help, please contact our customer service line at +420 567 771 111 or

With respect to privacy, you must choose a simple but effective means of identifying eligibility to obtain this information. For this reason, GLS requires you to enter this identifier.