Export to customs areas

As part of sending export parcels to countries outside the EU, there has been a transition to a new electronic portal, which must now be used for all parcels sent to customs areas.

Customs Electronic Portal

This portal allows you to enter your export information, attach an invoice or Export Accompanying Document and submit the data.

With the move to this system, it is no longer possible to arrange for the issue of Customs Export Documents (CEDs) via GLS, they must be electronically attached to the system once issued.

This portal allows the use of a custom API. The current method of data and document transmission will no longer be accepted.

To create access to the new customs portal, contact us by email info@gls-czech.com.

Export to Norway

From 1 January 2024, shippers who send goods to Norway (customs area) must provide both digitally (by entering them in the customs portal) and physically on the invoice VOEC number (VAT on eCommerce), for goods whose value is less than NOK 3,000. If the VOEC number is not listed, there is a risk of delays and additional charges, including recipients having to pay VAT again when goods cross borders.

When entering data into the customs portal, the sender will use the delivery condition 18 - DDP for the package using the VOEC number and enter the VOEC number in section 2 - Exporter, in the item - GB VAT / IOSS Registration No. / VOEC. For goods with a value of more than NOK 3,000, the procedure remains the same and delivery condition 18 – DDP is not allowed.

More information can be found here: Sending goods under the VOEC scheme - The Norwegian Tax Administration (skatteetaten.no) .

List of customs areas


Whole country

Whole country

Only some islands. Please note that an export accompanying document is always required here.

  • Andorra
  • Ceuta (51xxx)
  • Melilla (52xxx)
  • Canary Islands (35xxx, 38xxx)
  • Tenerife
  • Gibraltar
  • Santa Maria

Only some areas. Please note that a T2L document is required here.

  • San Marino (47800-47900)
  • Vatican City (00120-00129)
  • Livigno – IT271101

Important information

  • When calculating transport, always base your calculation on your valid price offer, GLS does not know the assessed customs fees and cannot influence them. It always depends on the customs office at the destination customs destination.
  • In the case of arranging the transport of export consignments, always familiarize yourself with the current legislation of the destination country.
  • If you are dealing with export transport for the first time or you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact the GLS Customer Service and check whether there has been a change in the processes for entering customs data and sending parcels.

Overview of export destinations and transit times