Movement of goods inside the parcel

Prevent free movement of goods in the box with a sufficient amount of filling material (e.g. bubble wrap).

Direct contact of goods with external packing

By wrapping the goods in bubble wrap or other packaging material, prevent the goods from coming into direct contact with the cardboard box.

Mutual contact of items provided the box contains several items

If there are several pieces of goods in the parcel, it is necessary to separate them from each other with filling material.

Mutual taping or joining of individual parcels

If you need to send multiple parcels. Send each one separately.

Irregular parcel shape

The parcel must be a regular, stackable shape

Packing in foils or bags

The goods must be packed in a cardboard box.

When packing goods pay special attention to:

The consignment must be able to withstand the stresses of loading, sorting and transport on roller conveyors during transport.

packing parcel

Weight and size restrictions

GLS parcels are subject to maximum weight and size restrictions


Parcel labels

What kinds of parcel lables can be used for transport?