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The network of GLS pick-up points in the Czech Republic consists of GLS Parcel Shops, GLS Parcel Boxes and access to the AlzaBox network.

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Comparison of Pick-up points

gls parcel shop

GLS Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shops form a comprehensive network of drop-off and pick-up points located in the premises of our contractual partners and serve as a convenient way to send and pick up parcels transported by the GLS transport network.

gls parcel box

GLS Parcel Box

The self-service GLS Parcel Boxes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are used for quick and convenient pick-up of the delivered parcel or submission of parcels for transportation by GLS network in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Comparison of GLS Parcel Shop, GLS Parcel Box and AlzaBox
Information about ShopDeliveryServiceGLS Parcel ShopGLS Parcel BoxAlzaBox
DescriptionExternal pick-up pointOwn GLS self-service boxExternal self-service box
Current number1.4853801.300
Planned number (3/2025)1.905860850
Storage time (days)533
Extension optionYesYesYes
Maximum parcel weight (kg)101010
Longest parcel side (cm)1005068
Maximum package dimensions (cm)100x60x8045x38x5068x44x50
COD payment - cashYesNoNo
COD payment - cardYesYes for "Blue line"
No for " Solar Green line"
COD payment - GoPayYesYesYes
Procedure in case the parcel cannot be delivered to the pick-up point.The driver will make individual arrangements with the recipient and deliver the parcel to the address or other pick-up point approved by the recipient.
Notification after accepting the parcel into the systemE-mail only
Notification after delivering the parcel into the pick-up pointE-mail and SMS
Notification in case of not pick-uping up the parcel by the recipientE-mail and SMS
Accepting the parcel for transport without labelNoNoNo
Accepting the parcel for transport with labelYesYesYes
PriceSame for all pick-up points
Option to display parcel boxes and parcel shops separately in the shopping cartYes, via multiple client accounts, each account individual settings, groups of pick-up points can be disabled within the account
Pick-up points map https://maps.gls-czech.cz/
Instructions for adding a pick-up point to the e-shop shopping cart Here

Pick-up point finder