Private senders

The online application e-Balík simply provides you with the most convenient and fastest transport in the Czech Republic and Europe. You can do everything online in a moment from the comfort of your home or office.

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Why start sending parcel with e-Balík?

A transparent and fair service available without downloading the app and without mandatory registration. See for yourself the simplicity and convenience of e-Balik.

Price from 54 CZK
Calculate the price in a few seconds according to the dimensions or weight of the package
Delivery in 24 hours
We deliver in a flash - within 24 hours in the Czech Republic, 48 hours in Europe
Everything is done online
Online order, online payment, online delivery, online tracking
Without waiting in line
Either hand over the parcel to us at the GLS Parcel Shop or have it picked up by a courier

How to send parcel with e-Balik?

Sending parcels has never been easier!

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Select the method of price calculation
Light and big or heavy and small? Choose the best way to calculate the price!
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Select the method of delivery
You can send the parcel directly to the address or to a GLS Parcel Shop, where it will be waiting for 5 days.
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Handover the parcel to GLS
Take advantage of the wide network of GLS Parcel Shops or order a courier pick-up at any address.
Pay by a card
Pay for your shipping order online with a credit card.

GLS will take care of the rest. You can find out where your parcel is by using the online parcel tracking

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GLS Parcel Shop for maximum convenience

With GLS Parcel Shops, you won't waste time with your parcels. A wide network of drop-off and pick-up locations covering the entire country is available for quick parcel drop-off and pick-up to suit your time needs.

sending from gls parcel shops

Sending parcels without waiting

Just print the label on the e-Balik and hand over the parcel at any GLS Parcel Shop. Conveniently and without waiting.

pick up at gls parcel shop

Pickup according to the recipient's needs

The parcel can be sent at a discount to a GLS Parcel Shop where the recipient can pick it up in five days.

Where is your closest GLS Parcel Shop?

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Useful information

Sending parcels for private senders starts at the full price of 54 CZK. The complete price list is available for download.


Thanks to an interconnected and well-coordinated transport network, GLS delivers shipments with short transit times throughout Europe.

  • Delivery in the Czech Republic: within 24 hours
  • Delivery in Europe: from 48 hours

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In order to ensure fast and cost-effective parcel transportation across the Czech Republic and Europe, all shipments in the GLS network undergo automated sorting processes at depots and sorting centres. In order to ensure the smooth movement of parcels along the conveyor belts, parcels must not exceed the specified maximum dimensions and weight.

  • Height max. 60 cm
  • Length max. 200 cm
  • Width max. 80 cm
  • Circumference max. 300 cm
  • Weight max. 31.5 kg

For dispatch from Parcel Shops, a length limit of 100 cm and a weight limit of 10 kg apply.

Correct parcel packing must match the characteristics, size, weight and durability of its content. This is the only way to ensure safe delivery of intact goods.

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The following types of goods are excluded from transport via the GLS logistics network:

  • Unpacked or insufficiently packaged goods
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Tied parcels
  • Perishable goods, infectious or smelly
  • Human and animal remains
  • Live animals and plants
  • Consignments in bags or sacks
  • High value goods (cash, valuables, jewelry, etc.)
  • Works of art and objects of emotional value
  • Thermally unstable goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • Ammunition, firearms and explosives
  • Shipments addressed to P.O. recipient box