Delivery process

Fast and reliable - that is how GLS parcel service works

In most cases, the parcel is delivered to the recipient in person. With the signature, the recipient confirms to have successfully received the parcel, and that the parcel shows no signs of damage. Another person in the recipient's household can take over the parcel. In any case, GLS always records the name of the receiving person.

GLS contacts the recipient and agrees a delivery alternative on the same day. The recipient can ask for the parcel to be deposited at nearest GLS ParcelShop or with a neighbor. GLS asks the recipient's neighbors whether they are willing to hold the parcel. Following the deposit, the recipient is informed of the ParcelShop address or the name of the neighbor who is holding the parcel via message.

Provided the parcel cannot be delivered to a given delivery address, the courier leaves a delivery notification. The notification is put into the mail box, or if not available, left on the entry door. The notification contains the parcel number, reasons of failed delivery, site of depositing and GLS contact. A parcel that cannot be deposited at a ParcelShop or at a neighbor is brought back to the regional depot, and GLS performs a second or third delivery attempt in next business days.

Provided it is not possible to deliver the parcel, GLS makes another attempt to deliver it in following 5 business days. For parcels with activated FlexDeliveryService, the recipient can use Delivery Manager portal and choose the date for the next delivery attempt. Provided no option is chosen, GLS automatically performs another delivery attempt at the original address on third business day after its sending, or the last, third in series, attempt on the fifth business day from its sending. Only if the third attempt is not successful and it is not possible to contact the recipient, or no alternative solution is found, the parcel is returned to the sender.

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Delivery notification

By ordering FlexDeliveryService, the sender provides the recipient with detailed information about the delivery process of the parcel by SMS or e-mail.

Options for recipients

GLS courier delivers express parcel

Procedure in case the recipient is not reached

If it is not possible to deliver the parcel on the first attempt, GLS follows a verified procedure so that the parcel is successfully delivered to the recipient.

  • GLS makes three delivery attempts
  • GLS tries to agree on an alternative delivery
  • GLS returns the parcel to the sender

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Undelivered or damaged parcel

The rate of undelivered and damaged shipments is very low due to reliable processes. If the recipient did not receive the parcel, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Check SMS and email messages
  • Find the parcel status online
  • Contact GLS customer service

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