Advantages of operating a GLS Parcel Box

Rent out your free space to GLS Parcel Box and benefit from a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Additional income
Rent payment regularly and effortlessly.
Easy installation
Without any costs and complicated assembly
Higher amenities
Great for smaller communities without the ability to open a Parcel Shop

Site requirements for GLS Parcel Box

1. Frequented location

Close to housing estate, school, big business, shopping mall, etc.

2. Land available 24 hours a day

Land easily accessible from public road.

3. Safe and accessible location
4. Possibility of temporary parking
5. Paved area for the box

2 x 1 m will suffice.

6. Connection to the electricity grid

The GLS Parcel Box is equipped with its own distribution box with electricity meter.

If your property meets everything listed above, we will be happy to rent it.

Interested? Let us know and we´ll get in touch with you!