Private senders

GLS offers suitable solutions for sending parcels not only to e-shops and companies, but also to individuals who send parcels only occasionally.

Advantages for private senders

Thanks to the online e-Balík application, GLS offers individuals and occasional senders many advantages when sending parcels privately:

No need to sign a contract
Sending to all of Europe
Delivery in 24 hours in the CR, and from 48 hours within the EU
Online parcel tracking
Prices from 58 CZK
Parcelshop network ideal for shipping without waiting
Parcel pickup by courier anywhere in the Czech Republic
Price calculated before you ship

Possibilites for private parcel sending

Even for private persons with small amount of parcels, has GLS a simple solution. It is possible to hand over a parce for transport, on your own time, at any location in the GLS ParcelShop network or it can be ordered by courier at any address.

man and woman are sending parcel online using a tablet

Sending parcels online

Through the online transport portal e-Balík you can simply order a parcel delivery throughout Europe. The parcel can be picked-up by a GLS courier at given address or sent in any GLS ParcelShop.

gls driver walks out of a gls parcelshop with parcels

Sending from ParcelShop

Deliveries through our international GLS network can be sent also through our ParcelShops comfortably and without any long waiting. Parcels can be sent from any GLS ParcelShop in the Czech Republic.

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