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Join the ecological challenge Biking to work. You can also sign up while working from home.

More movement, joy of life and less emissions are all brought about by the ecological challenge Biking to work. In May, despite the state of emergency, the 11th year is taking place and due to limitations, it will be possible to upload any motorless routes to the system. Last year, despite government regulations, over 16,000 people from all over the country participated, saving 493 tons of CO2. For many people, after a year at the home office, the movement that the challenge motivates is one of the means to stay mentally and physically fit. All participants will receive a starter pack, which will traditionally be delivered free of charge by GLS.

Will the pandemic change the shopping habits of Czechs? One third will save more, according to the survey

Every third respondent (33%) plans to save more after the end of the pandemic, according to this year's GLS survey. Last year's savings fell by 30% of Czechs. The most coronavirus pandemic has hit people with lower education (44%) financially, who often cannot work from home. Women are also significantly worse off than men. On the contrary, university students and people from Prague improved. At the time of the corona crisis, most people accepted the same or only slightly larger numbers of shipments thanks to online purchases (77%) and plan to return to their shopping habits after the end of the pandemic (63%).

The credit system for parcel transport is popular among entrepreneurs and smaller companies. Every fifth parcel is paid by credit

Last March GLS was the first on the Czech market to introduce the e-Balík Profi service, which significantly reduced the cost of sending parcels. The online portal e-Balík Profi enables payments using credits, the creation of multiple directories, the import of contacts or the mass printing of labels. The service has been very popular since its launch, and every fifth parcel sent via the portal is now paid for by credit. These are often start-ups and smaller companies (43%) who have been forced to move their businesses online as part of government measures against the spread of coronavirus.

GLS put the first large capacity electric delivery van into operation in the Czech Republic and wants to add another 10 by next year.

GLS has started using the first ever Mann eTGE electric delivery for daily parcel delivery in Hulín and the surrounding area. The delivery can hold the same number of packages as a standard diesel delivery, ie up to 300, and it will travel up to 120 km on a single charge. GLS plans to expand its fleet by at least another 10 electrical supplies and 5 electric cargo bikes in the next 12 months.

GLS strengthens the transport network. New depot in Frýdek Místek will increase transport capacity in the region of northern Moravia by 35%

In response to the past record Christmas season, the international parcel delivery provider GLS is strengthening its transport network and opening another depot in the Moravian Silesian Region. The new depot in Frýdek Místek has created up to 15 new jobs for couriers and will increase transport capacity in the region of northern Moravia by up to 35%. Delivery routes, and thus delivery times, will also be shortened. The carrier already operates 26 depots in the Czech Republic and plans to open two more this year.

GLS responds to the extraordinary expansion of e commerce in 2020 and significantly expands the central HUB in Jihlava

Inresponse to the extreme growth of e commerce in 2020 and the record number of parcels transported in the main season, the package car rier GLS accelerated the planned expansion of the national and international sorting centre in Jihlava The new hall with an area of 4640 m2 will meet environmental standards and will increase capacity up to 2.5 times.

The parcel delivery provider GLS presented the winners of the Entrepreneurial Woman competition The

The Czech Republic knows the 3 best women entrepreneurs of 2020 in the field of ecommerce. To thee Woman category within the Entrepreneurial Woman project, which has been organized by Ženy s.r.o. in cooperation with AMSP CR, 18 businesswomen applied. The general public then selected the three best business projects.

Every December, the package carrier GLS exceeds its maximum last year

GLSreceived the highest number of packages in its history on its delivery network on Black Friday,Friday 27 November. Similarly high numbers were repeated a few days later. The difference betweenthe weakest and strongest day reached 330%. The volume of processed shipments exceeded last year'sdaily Christmas maximum already in October, twice, in November even 13 times.

For the tenth time GLS drivers will transport free gifts for children from children's homes

For the tenth time, the GLS will transport free gifts for children from children's homes and social care institutions. Last year, drivers delivered 6 tons of gifts worth CZK 6.17 million as part of the traditional Donate a Toy project. This year, the Sportisimo retail chain is also involved in the project as a partner.

GLS supports women entrepreneurs in e-commerce.

The Czech Republic knows the 10 best businesswomen in the field of e-commerce. To the eWoman category within the Entrepreneurial Woman project, which has been organized by Women ltd. in cooperation with AMSP CR, 18 businesswomen applied this year. The jury then selected the 10 best business stories to compete for the public. The three winning projects will be rewarded with a voucher worth CZK 15,000.