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Receiving Parcel

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

When does my parcel arrive?

To be able to help you more specifically, please choose from the following answers:

My shipper has chosen the FlexDeliveryService and I have received an e-mail about it.

The link from your sender's e-mail takes you directly to the tracking system. As soon as your parcel has been handed over to us, you will be shown the expected Delivery day.

Parcels within Austria are usually delivered within 24 hours. In exceptional cases, the delivery can be delayed.

GLS delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

I have received a notification card from GLS.

On the notification card itself you will find all the information about where your parcel is located (e.g. name of the neighbour or the GLS ParcelShop address).
You will also find a Track ID. You can also use the shipment tracking function and the Track ID to see the current status of your parcel.

If the parcel is back in the GLS depot, you can also select alternative delivery options (depending on the type of parcel) for the second delivery attempt. To do this, go to the "Not at home?" section in the shipment tracking.

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My shipper has given me my shipment / parcel number.

As soon as your package has been handed over to us, you can find your package via the tracking system. By entering your shipment number, you can display the expected delivery date.

GLS delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Where is my parcel?

You can view the current location of a parcel at any time online in parcel tracking.
Just enter the parcel number or Track-ID. You can also enter several numbers separated by a space, semicolon or comma.

How can I change the delivery address / date?

Depending on the service booked and the status of the parcel, various different options are available:

- My parcel has FlexDeliveryService and I have received an email with a link.
- I have received a notification card.
- I have a parcel / shipment number.

How can I change the time of delivery?

Unfortunately you cannot change the precise time of delivery. If you are only going to be at the delivery address for a limited time, you can select an alternative delivery, for example to the nearest GLS Parcel Shop.

How do I receive my parcels even if I am not at home?

With the FlexDeliveryService you have the possibility to choose an alternative delivery. The following options are available for this:

Delivery at a GLS ParcelShop
Delivery on another day
Delivery to another address
Self collection at GLS depot
Drop off permissions

Please note that depending on the service booked (package type), the alternatives are only available to a limited extent. See also our FAQ topics, about parking permit, changing the delivery address/day, delivery to a GLS ParcelShop and self-collection at the GLS depot.

What happens if I am not at home?

In the first instance, GLS will try to get a neighbour to sign for your parcel. If this is not possible, the driver will take the parcel to a nearby GLS ParcelShop. Parcels that cannot be delivered via an alternative method (e.g. commercial parcels, express parcels etc.) will be retained for delivery on the next working day.

If we are unable to deliver the parcel on a second attempt, GLS will take your parcel to the GLS depot. There you can pick up your parcel yourself from the following day and within 4 working days. Please contact our service department (here directly to the contact form) before you pick up your parcel so that it can be prepared for collection.

Once the storage period has elapsed, we will return your parcel to the sender.

If your parcel was sent with FlexDeliveryService, you have various delivery options at your disposal (e.g. drop off permission, GLS PaketShop delivery, select an alternative address, etc.).

Can my parcel be delivered to a neighbour?

If you are not at home, the parcel delivery agent will try to get a neighbour to sign for delivery of the parcel.
In this case, GLS will leave a notification card with detailed information.

Please note that certain services (types of parcel) can only be delivered in person, for example delivery only on presentation of an official photo ID.

How do I issue GLS with drop off permission?

You can easily go to drop off permission online here
If you have already received a notification card, you can issue one-off or general drop off permission by using the back of the GLS notification card.

Once the parcels have been dropped off in the agreed location, GLS no longer bears any liability for loss or damage to these parcels.
You can revoke the drop off permission at any time.

Can a different person pick up my parcel?

Yes, but this person must show proof of authorisation issued by you. This authorisation can be found on the back of our notification card or online as a PDF to download & fill out.

What do I need to know when collecting from the GLS depot?

If your parcel has been taken to the GLS depot for collection by the customer, before coming to collect it, please contact our service team so we can get your parcel ready for collection.

If you selected the "Customer Collection from GLS depot" delivery option, you can collect the parcel as soon as it is marked as delivered in parcel tracking.

Please bring your official photo identification with you to the GLS ParcelShop for collection.
If your parcel is to be picked up by someone else from the GLS ParcelShop (e.g. family member), please remember to issue a power of attorney.
You will find the power of attorney on the back of your notification card or online as a PDF file to download & fill out.

Where will I find my nearest GLS ParcelShop?

You can find your nearest GLS ParcelShop via our GLS parcelShop search

What do I need to know when collecting from the GLS ParcelShop?

Please bring your identity card / passport when collecting from the GLS ParcelShop.
If someone else (e.g. a family member) is going to be collecting your parcel from the GLS ParcelShop, please remember to issue them with authorisation.
This authorisation can be found on the back of our notification card or online as a PDF to download & fill out.

My package was delivered according to the tracking system - unfortunately it did not reach me.
What can I do if my parcel is damaged?

If your parcel is externally damaged, you can refuse to accept it. GLS will then return the parcel to the GLS depot and inform the sender.

You have accepted the parcel and the contents are damaged? In this case please contact the sender/shipper of your parcel. GLS is neither allowed nor able to check the contents of the sent parcels.

For a later processing we need the following information:

  • The recipient's address
  • The sender address
  • Content description for the parcel
  • Photos of the damaged parcel and the goods, incl. internal and external packaging with parcel labels.