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Parcel shipping with GLS automatically includes liability up to a value of goods of a maximum of € 550 per parcel.

However, should you ever send more valuable goods, no problem. With our AddOnLiabilityService you can book an extended liability.

You have two options:

  • Extension of liability up to a goods value of € 2,000 per parcel
  • Extension of liability up to a goods value of € 3,500 per parcel

From 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) will have the status of a third country from the perspective of the European Union. This means that the movement of goods and thus the dispatch of parcels between the EU and the UK will be subject to customs supervision from this date. Customs formalities will therefore be required, but no customs duties will be levied on goods of EU origin.

Hence, from December 31, 2020 only shipments for which the shipper provides the full parcel and customs data will be processed.

Requirements for export to the UK at a glance
From January 2021:

EORI number
For shipping to countries outside the EU, you require a so-called EORI number for your business (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification). You can apply for an EORI number from the Austrian customs authorities.

Goods classification on the basis of customs tariff numbers (HS code numbers)
Goods shipments to non-EU countries must be classified. For this, customs use goods or customs tariff numbers, so-called HS code numbers. This defines which goods are included in your shipment and how high the import duties and other import taxes are.
Documents required for customs

  • Commercial or pro forma invoice
    For shipments to the UK a commercial or pro forma invoice in English is required. A commercial invoice is required for goods with commercial value and the pro forma invoice for goods without commercial value.
  • Export declaration
    When a goods value of €1,000 is reached, shippers in Austria need an electronic export declaration for parcel transportation to the UK. In Austria, this is done via ATLAS (Automated tariff and local customs clearance system).

Your export to the UK is always in safe hands with GLS
GLS customers rely on existing, proven processes for smooth imports and exports, including of deliveries requiring customs clearance:

  • As a subsidiary of the International Distribution Services we are specialists in the UK business.
  • GLS has for many years been customers' reliable partner for parcel deliveries across Europe and the world.
  • Specialists in export and customs issues take care of the particular needs of customers trading internationally.
  • GLS will give its customers extensive support for shipments to the UK also from 2021.

Further information and downloads
Information about parcel shipping to the UK in detail - including information about Incoterms, creation of parcel labels, lead times to the UK, UKCA marking as well as helpful links - can be found in our customer information, our customer presentation and in our FAQs in our downloads section:

Large and unmanageable parcels? Send as bulky items with GLS

GLS will sort and scan these consignments manually at its distribution centers and depots. This is because they are not suitable for the automated sorting equipment. GLS deploys these so-called sorters for quick, reliable parcel shipping. A parcel's dimensions or shape or the outer packaging can all contribute to it being non-conveyable and thus being shipped as a bulky item.

What makes a parcel a bulky item or non-conveyable?

Due to their length or width, certain goods can tilt or roll away or have unstable packaging when being conveyed through the automated sorting equipment. These items must be sorted manually. These include:

  • tyre consignments
  • spools, sacks and rolls of fabric
  • canisters, plastic buckets and wooden crates
  • parcels that are longer than 120 cm
  • parcels with any kind of protruding parts

In our NC goods guideline , we provide a summary of various bulky shipment examples.

Bulky shipments – how it works

GLS will also collect large and unmanageable parcels – either as part of an agreed delivery schedule or following notification via the relevant dispatch system for our business customers.

The permitted maximum parcel size dimensions are still applicable when shipping bulky items. The girth of the parcel, i.e. the circumference plus the longest side can be up to 3 metres. The weight limit is 31,5 kilogrammes (50 kilogrammes for express international deliveries).

If parcels are non-conveyable, a surcharge is imposed to cover the additional work involved in manually sorting the bulky shipments.

General cargo (pallets) are transported by partner as part of a collaborative agreement for GLS customers. Collection can be requested via the GLS dispatch systems for business customers.

Our reliable basic product for national parcel shipping: we transport parcels weighing up to 31,5 kilogrammes within Austria. There are no distance limits: the standard GLS delivery time of under 24 hours applies across the whole of Austria.

By combining this with a broad range of services, your parcel shipping can meet the diverse requirements of your consignees.

  • Your parcels are delivered to the consignee within less than 24 hours
  • Convenient online parcel tracking
  • Digital consignee signature can be retrieved online
  • Second delivery attempt included, for private consignees at a GLS ParcelShop
  • Liability up to a goods value of max. 550 € per parcel

The CashService allows you to extend your range of payment options. The consignee pays for their items conveniently when the parcel is delivered. This also minimises your risk of non-payment.

  • GLS takes receipt of the money and transfers it securely and swiftly into the consignor's account.
  • Cash-on-delivery sums from Austria generally arrive in your account within five working days of delivery.
  • The maximum cash-on-delivery sum is 3.500€ per recipient and the liability limit is 550 €

Your benefits:

  • Expand your payment options with cash on delivery
  • Lower risk of non-payment, greater security
  • Reliable, quick flow of money into your account

As a parcel service provider, GLS is an important element within the supply chain. The current situation makes the responsibility that we bear even clearer. Up-to-date information on Corona virus measures and ensuring of parcel logistics and operations can be found on our information page about the Corona virus .

GLS charges an index-oriented surcharge (percentage) "Diesel" because of the fluctuation of the crude oil prices which has a significant impact on the transport costs.

When calculating the percentage, GLS uses on an index that is determined using the “Fuel Price Monitor” published each month by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) in Austria.

Once the index is published, GLS determines the current percentage. As of that point in time this surcharge will be used for the invoices and will be disclosed separately and transparently.

You can find the current percentage here .

We offer reliable parcel delivery all over Europe

The countries are connected thanks to our precisely coordinated transportation services and modern distribution centres. This enables GLS to deliver parcels to all important European markets in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. More remote areas outside large cities can generally be supplied by GLS within 72 to 96 hours.

Consistently high-quality service – first class parcel shipping throughout Europe

By combining this with a broad range of services, your parcel shipping can meet the diverse requirements of your recipients.

  • Standard delivery times of 24 - 96 hours
  • Continuous online parcel tracking, in real time in many countries
  • Digital consignee signature can be retrieved online
  • Second delivery attempt included, for private consignee at a GLS ParcelShop (if available in the relevant country)
  • Liability up to a goods value of max. 550 € per parcel
  • Max. weight 40 kg

Express shipping in Europe: we deliver time-critical consignments internationally; before close of business on the next working day in many countries (Saturdays optional). Next-day delivery is also possible for commercial centres in many other countries.

Urgent goods and documents reach their destination reliably and quickly via express shipping within Europe.

  • Delivery to many countries by close of business the following working day (Saturdays optional)
  • Depending on the destination, additional scheduled options are available:
    • 9, 10 am or 12 noon or Saturdays
  • Free 2nd delivery attempt on the next working day
  • Continuous online parcel tracking
  • Delivery notification
  • Liability up to a goods value of max. 550 € per parcel
  • Max. weight 50 kg

A chance to handle returns as part of an efficient goods exchange. We make the delivery and collect the return at the same time, bringing the goods to the returns depot or to a business address of your choice.

Repairs are a classic application for our ExchangeService: the consignee gets the replacement device immediately; the defective device is collected at the same time and transported to your premises or to a different address you have specified.

Your benefits:

  • Immediate provision of replacement equipment ensures high customer satisfaction levels
  • Time and money are saved by linking delivery and collection
  • No parcel return label or packaging required – both will be supplied by the delivery driver

Reliable national express transportation: we deliver parcels all over Austria by the next working day (Saturdays optional) and always by close of business.

Speed and punctuality are the top priorities for express delivery with GLS. Urgent consignments, from spare parts to documents, reach their destination on time.

In many areas, earlier deliveries or Saturday deliveries are available for express parcels. Express products can be combined with appropriate optional services to ensure a guaranteed specific delivery time.

The benefit for you: at GLS you can get parcel and express services from a single provider.

  • Delivery by close of business the following working day (Saturdays optional)
  • Additional scheduled options:
    • Weekdays by 8, 9, 10 am or 12 noon
    • Saturdays by 10 am or 12 noon
  • Continuous online parcel tracking
  • Digital consignee signature can be retrieved online
  • Delivery notification in real time
  • Liability up to a goods value of max. 550 € per parcel
  • Max. weight 50 kg

Optimum flexibility for your consignees: we let consignees know about their delivery and provide them with a large variety of delivery options.

Consignees receive email information about pending GLS parcel deliveries – including details of the predicted delivery time window.

The consignee will be informed in time when the delivery will happen and if necessary, can select one of many delivery options online; like issuing a drop off permission, specifying a new delivery date, or arranging the delivery to a GLS ParcelShop.

Receiving parcels is flexible, which makes sending goods to private households easier. The number of support requests is decreasing and the customer satisfaction increases.

The following options are available in Austria at the moment:

  • Delivery on a desired date
  • Issue drop off permission
  • Delivery to GLS ParcelShop
  • Customer collection from the GLS depot
  • Refuse receipt (return to sender)


  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.
  • Cross-border shipping between most of the mentioned countries.

Please note that not all delivery options are available in all countries or only after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Your benefits:

  • Optimised B2C shipping
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer service workload

We simplify your internal parcel handling. If you receive a GLS consignment at one of your locations, we will take any GLS parcels with us from that location that need to be delivered to other locations within your business.

This optimises transportation links and reduces your costs. We also supply special parcel labels, which simplifies shipment handling.

This service can be used for lots of applications, especially in chain stores.

Your benefits:

  • Time and money are saved by linking delivery and collection
  • Easy handling due to pre-printed parcel labels
  • Flexible invoicing – which can be configured in accordance with your preferences

The parcel status indicates where your parcel is currently located. To expedite parcel receipt, here is an overview of the most important information.


Preadvice: this status indicates that the data for this parcel has been created electronically. The parcel has not been physically handed over to GLS at this time, this will happen in the next step => Status In transit.

Cancelled: this status indicates e.g. that the pick-up order for a parcel has been cancelled because the item was not ready in time for collection.

In transit: the parcel has been physically handed over to GLS. The parcel will now be routed via the relevant parcel centers until it arrives at the final parcel center.

Final parcel center: the parcel is at the final parcel center and will move to delivery in the next step.

In delivery: the parcel has left the final parcel center and is in the GLS delivery vehicle. It is expected to be delivered to you during the course of the day.

Delivered: the parcel has been successfully delivered at the recipient or the parcel has been successfully delivered to a GLS ParcelShop. You will find the ParcelShop address and opening hours in parcel tracking.

Not delivered: the parcel could not be successfully delivered because e.g. the address was incorrect, or the parcel consignee could not be found. In this case an address clarification will be triggered by GLS.

Stored: the parcel is back at the final parcel center. It could not be delivered successfully, for example because the address was incorrect or could not be found. If the address is incorrect, the parcel shipper will be in touch with you to get clarification of the address details. If the goods receipt is closed for vacation for a longer period, the parcel will be stored temporarily. Info: if you have received a notification card for the parcel, you can redirect your parcel via parcel tracking.

Optimise your returns management with this convenient returns solution. Parcels will be collected from any address (including private customers) at a time specified by you, and then returned directly to you.

The consignee ensures the parcel is ready to send at the specified time; the parcel label will be provided by the delivery driver.

With the GLS returns management service, the collection address does not have to be in Austria. Any address in the GLS network can be selected, whether it is in Austria or elsewhere in Europe.

Your benefits:

  • You have full control of the costs
  • You determine the collection time yourself – for orders issued by 4 pm, we will collect your items on the next working day.
  • Returns from all over Austria are generally delivered back to you within 24 hours
  • Less work for your consignee

We fetch parcels from an address of your choice and deliver them directly to the desired consignee. This service avoids unnecessary diversions. For example, a parcel will be transported directly from the supplier to the end customer, or vice versa. This deals with your very specific shipping requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Minimised costs for transport, handling and warehousing
  • You have full control of the costs
  • Shorter operational times by avoiding unnecessary diversions

From shipping to returns - all from a single provider

Give your customers the perfect shopping experience by setting up and managing your own individual returns strategy. Assertive, restrictive, concealed or prominent - the choice is yours!

Whatever strategy you choose, your customers can conveniently hand over their returns parcel at one of over 800 GLS ParcelShops.

Your own customised returns strategy

Depending on your preferences, we offer various returns solutions:

  • Include the return label with the dispatched parcel.
  • Allow customers to create a return label directly from your online shop.
  • Link to your personal GLS returns page from your online shop.
  • Create the return slip manually in a GLS dispatch system.

Your customer can hand the item over conveniently at a GLS ParcelShop

If a consignee wants to return an item, they can hand over the parcel at a GLS ParcelShop and GLS will return it to the consignor. The consignor only incurs costs if a parcel is actually returned.

Find out more about our ShopReturnService

Other interesting GLS services for your customised returns strategy:

  • Pick&ShipService
  • Pick&ReturnService

Returns shipping for consignees

More and more retailers offer returns via several parcel service providers. Recognizable by the illustration of the respective logos on the return label. You can return parcels in one of 800 GLS ParcelShops.

When sending goods with GLS, you can combine standardised products and services as you wish. This means that parcel delivery can be adapted to your specific needs and naturally also to those of your customers. Find out which combination is best for you.

You can find our helpful shipping planner here .

GLS delivers the parcels (except tyres) direct to a ParcelShop. The consignee decides in advance which ParcelShop their parcel will be sent to.

As soon as the parcel arrives, GLS will let the consignee know via email or SMS. From the day after this delivery, the consignee has eight working days in which to collect their item from the ParcelShop.

The ShopDeliveryService is also available for shipping to Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

  • A practical delivery option for people who are out a lot
  • Also suitable for supplying mobile service personnel
  • Notification of consignee via SMS and/or email as soon as the parcel is ready to collect
  • Flexible consignment collection for the consignee
  • Choice of around 8,000 GLS ParcelShops in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Poland

With this practical returns solution, your customer hands over their return consignment (pre-franked and free of charge) at a GLS ParcelShop.

The sender can choose whether to include a pre-prepared GLS returns label with the shipped parcel, or to provide a label on request from the consignee. Convenient online returns solutions are available to create return shipping labels. Return labels can be sent as an attachment to the consignee as a PDF file or QR code. If a QR code is provided, the customer doesn't even have to print the label themselves at home, they can simply get the QR code scanned at the GLS ParcelShop and they will get a printed return label there when they hand over the parcel.

For the returns process, the consignee can hand over their parcel at any of the over 800 GLS ParcelShops.

The goods will be returned directly to you. This service is, of course, also available even if you do not send your other parcels with us.

  • Flexible online returns solutions for the sender
  • Costs are only incurred if the parcel is actually returned
  • Returns all over Germany within a standard time of 24 hours
  • Continuous online parcel tracking for returns
  • International returns are available to Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain

Your benefits:

  • Convenient returns option for your consignees
  • Returns from all over Germany are generally delivered back to you within 24 hours
  • Costs are only incurred if the parcel is actually sent back

Consignors can send their parcels to numerous European countries with GLS. Thanks to its extensive network, GLS offers fast, high-quality shipping all over Europe at an attractive price. Parcels generally arrive in all important markets within 24 to 48 hours. Consignments to countries that are further afield generally have longer delivery times.

Our standard delivery times are listed for each country is available here .

Our scheduled delivery options for express shipping: GLS delivers consignments punctually on the next working day (except Saturdays).

You have various scheduled options to choose from:

Nationally: before 8 am, before 9 am, before 10 am or before midday.
Internationally: before 9 am, before 10 am or before midday.

Scheduled delivery can be booked in conjunction with express products – ideal for parcels that need to reach their destination even faster.

Your benefits:

  • Scheduled delivery for urgent consignments
  • Greater flexibility thanks to optional delivery times
  • Continuous online parcel tracking
  • Digital consignee signature can be retrieved online
  • Delivery notification in real time
  • Liability up to a goods value of max. 550 € per parcel

The currently valid Special Terms and Conditions of the General Logistics Systems Austria GmbH for business customers, ParcelShop customers, as well as GLS-ONE can be found here: