Information about shipment to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Due to the current political situation, parcel shipment to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus is not possible for the time being. We will inform as soon as there is new information on this.


Current security advice

Again and again it comes to fraud attempts, in which criminals abuse the name GLS to obtain data or money. Here you will find the current security information. Please note: GLS is not liable for damages caused by fraudulent activities of third parties who misuse the name GLS.


SWITZERLAND: Abolition of industrial tariffs on January 1, 2024

From January 1, 2024, industrial tariffs will be abolished in Switzerland. This means that goods which apply to Chapters 25-97 of the Swiss Customs Tariff, with the exception of certain products falling under Chapters 35 and 38, are no longer declarable when imported into Switzerland from this date.

For GLS customers, this means that the normal (non-preferential) duty rate for industrial products imported into Switzerland is zero. When importing industrial products that are expected to remain or be consumed in Switzerland at the time of import, the application of free trade agreements (FTAs) or the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for the benefit of developing countries is no longer necessary.


Information on shipping to the UK

Your export to the UK is in safe hands with GLS, as we are your perfect partner for smooth imports and exports both for duty-free as well as duty-subject deliveries. Here you will find helpful information on shipment to the UK.