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More than 30 years!!!

What comes to your mind when you think about the last 31 years? The commercialization of the Internet? The triumph of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Co? The 15 Olympic Games and 8 Soccer World Cups? Or is it the phones & households that have become “smart”?

Transport entrepreneur Christoph Bitschnau has different associations: “I've been with GLS since the very first day and I have never regretted even a day to date. It's been more than 30 years, unbelievable, isn't it! My daughter Cornelia and my son Daniel are now also working for our company and we all agree that my decision to work with GLS has paid off 100 percent.”

Christoph has even kept the ad that he applied for - and with which he took the leap into self-employment. That was cool, he says, and “even three decades later, I couldn’t imagine to be without the familiar atmosphere, the mutual appreciation and the great collaboration we have built up with GLS.”

Of course, we appreciate the great cooperation with our transport partner from Vorarlberg and would like to thank him for the incredible reliability! We hope and look forward to many more years and decades to come ... and just say THANK YOU!


A little support ❤

It's not a coincidence that we quite often talk about our GLS family - now, at Christmas, we've all moved even closer together to give a helping hand to our colleague and her family who have been hit hard by fate.

Our head of finance, Clemens, and our head of accounting & HR admin, Sabrina, were delighted to present Sandra with a Christmas check on behalf of the entire GLS team, which was collected during our “GLSbewegt” campaign. In addition, our colleagues across Austria were not idle as well and have also collected money at their locations - and they did that that with a lot of passion as the number of piggy banks has shown.

We wish our colleague Sandra and her daughter Anna all the best and keep our fingers crossed that everything will be just fine!


Dr. Karl Pfaff appointed CEO of GLS Group

Dr. Karl Pfaff will be appointed as GLS Group CEO effective October 01, 2023. He will take over from Martin Seidenberg, who has been appointed as Group CEO of IDS plc in August 2023. With the succession of Dr. Pfaff GLS continues to build on GLS experienced leadership.

Dr. Pfaff has a proven track record in international logistics. He joined GLS in 2014 after working for Lufthansa Group and Bain & Company. Dr. Pfaff held various positions in strategy, sales and operational management at GLS before he was appointed as CEO of GLS Germany in 2020 and became member of the GLS Group Executive Team. Currently, Dr. Pfaff is Group Area Managing Director responsible for Germany and BeNeLux.

GLS Austria wishes him all the best in his new position!


Biggest success for Team Vorarlberg in its 25-year history!

It's just sensational: Colin Stüssi wins the 84th Volta Portugal UCI 2.1!

For Team Vorarlberg it was the biggest project in the team's history: the team was invited to the Tour of Portugal and entered this mammoth twelve-day project in its best line-up. After almost 1,600 km and a lot of passion, it was official: after sensational performances Colin Stüssi was crowned winner of the Volta Portugal and Team Vorarlberg ended up in 6th place among 19 professional teams, right in the middle of the world's top again!

We are so happy for the team and congratulate them on this incredible success! Of course, we are also very proud that "our" Team Vorarlberg is such an ingenious ambassador who puts the GLS brand in the limelight in such an excellent way throughout Europe.

Photo: Team Vorarlberg


We are repeaters ...

... and again, certified as "Great Place to Work"!

Of course, we know that we have the best employees. The fact that they enjoy working for us and express their trust makes us proud and encourages us to continue to do everything we can to be the workplace they expect.

We are incredibly excited to be a certified Great Place to Work again. And that's the way it should stay.

Cyclist-infront-of-a-yellow-backgroud Cyclist-infront-of-a-yellow-backgroud

We are always on the move

Doing sports for a good cause – with our health project #GLSbewegt our employees collected thousands of kilometers through exercise, which were converted into a donation.

The aim of the initiative was not only to work out and lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle, but also to raise money for these activities. More than 240.000 kilometers were the result, which GLS converted into a donation of € 12.000.

This amount was donated to two charity organizations which were chosen by our employees: € 6.000 went to the Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid, the other € 6.000 were given to an Austrian Animal Welfare Organisation.


Helping where help is needed

We help exactly where help is needed and that's why we have decided to become a LICHT INS DUNKEL-Emerald-partner again in 2022. Therefore, we've supported the ORF fundraising campaign with a contribution of 15.000 €.

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