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In the context of sending export packages to countries outside the EU, we have switched to a new electronic portal, which must now be used for all packages sent to customs areas. This online form allows you to enter your export information, attach an invoice or Export Accompanying Document and submit the data. With the move to this system, it is no longer possible to arrange for the issue of Customs Export Documents (CEDs) via GLS, they must be electronically attached to the system once issued.

This portal allows the use of a custom API. The current method of data and document transmission will no longer be accepted.

To create access to the new customs portal, contact .

Reliable delivery in the entire Europe

GLS offers a special solution for sending of small and fragile parcels: EuroBusinessSmallParcel. Increased safety of small parcels is ensured with separate sorting and transport in special containers that provide an additional protection for sensitive goods.

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Delivery to all of Europe in short times
Cash on delivery abroad
One parcel number in the entire Europe
Automatic insurance up to 20.000 CZK per parcel

Advantages of EuroBusinessParcel and EuroBusinessSmallParcel

  • Transport abroad is made via GLS' pan-European network, parcels are not handed over to other companies.
  • Deliveries to countries neighboring to the Czech Republic within 24 to 48 hours, to more distant countries within 48 to 168 hours.
  • Increased safety of small and fragile goods within EuroBusinessSmallParcel
  • Automated insurance of parcel at CZK 20.000 included in price
  • Parcel tracking in real time by Track&Trace
  • Delivery adapted to requirements and habits of a specific country.
  • When combined with FlexDeliveryService, it is possible for the recipient to set delivery parameters in their native language.
  • Cash on delivery possible in the following countries: Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania

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Availability abroad

FDS is an optional service that enables flexible delivery with timely notification and options for delivery methods based on recipient's need connects 21 countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

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Standard delivery times to countries neighboring to the Czech Republic reach 24 to 48 hours, most other countries are served from 48 to 72 hours. Deliveries to more distant European destinations and to islands can take 72 to 168 hours.

Zone SK

1 - 2 days: Slovakia

First zone

2 days: Germany, Austria and Poland

Second zone

2 - 3 days: Belgium (2 days), Denmark (2 days), France (2-3 days), Netherland (2 days), Croatia (3 days)*, Luxemburg (2 days), Hungary (2 days), Slovenia (3 days)

Third zone

3 - 7 days: Bulgaria (4 days), Estonia (4 days), Ireland (4 days), Italy (3-4 days), Lithania (4 days), Spain (4-7 days), Romania (2 days)

Fourth zone

3 - 7 days: Finland (4-7 days), Portugal (4-7 days), Sweden (3-6 days)

Restrictions for EuroBusinessParcel

• Width max. 80 cm
• Height max. 60 cm
• Length max. 200 cm
• Girth max. 300 cm
• Weight max. 31,5 kg

Restrictions for EuroBusinessSmallParcel

• Length max. 40 cm
• Weight max. 3 kg
Parcel has to fit though a template for small parcels.

From transport via BusinessParcel and BusinessSmallParcel are these types of goods excluded:

  • Goods that are not packed or inadequately packed
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Bundled parcels
  • Perishable, infectious or malodorous goods
  • Human or animal remains
  • Livestock and plants
  • Goods in bags
  • Highly valuable goods (money, jewellery, etc.)
  • Works of art
  • Thermally unstable goods
  • Guns and explosives
  • Consignments addressed to a P.O. box

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