National parcel transport

The standard delivery time is on next business day following the dispatch, including deliveries in distant areas. GLS also offers a special solution for sending of small and fragile parcels: BusinessSmallParcel. Increased safety of small parcels is ensured with separate sorting and transport in special containers that provide an additional protection for sensitive goods.

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Short delivery times
Green parcel transport
Online parcel tracking
Automatic insurance up to 20.000 CZK per parcel

Advantages of BusinessParcel and BusinessSmallParcel

  • Delivery on next business day
  • Increased safety of small and fragile goods
  • Automated insurance of parcel at CZK 20.000 included in price
  • Parcel tracking in real time via our Track&Trace solution
  • Digitalized confirmation on delivery with recipient's signature available on-line
  • Up to three delivery attempts for parcel delivery to private recipient included in price
  • When combined with FlexDeliveryService, it is possible for the recipient to set delivery parameters

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Restrictions for BusinessParcel

Width max. 80 cm
• Height
max. 60 cm
• Length
max. 200 cm
Girth max. 300 cm

Restrictions for BusinessSmallParcel

Length: max. 40 cm
Weight: max. 3 kg
Parcel has to fit though a template for small parcels.

The following goods are excluded from transport via BusinessParcel and BusinessSmallParcel:

  • Goods that are not packed or packed inadequately
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Bundled parcels
  • Perishable, infectious or malodorous goods
  • Human or animal remains
  • Livestock and platns
  • Highly valuable goods (money, jewellery, etc.)
  • Works of art
  • Thermally unstable goods
  • Consingments addressed to P.O. box

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