Additional transport services

Parcel deliveries products such as BusinessParcel, BusinessSmallParcel, EuroBusinessParcel, and EuroBusinessSmallParcel can be combined with a wide array of value added complementary transport services, designed to tailor the delivery to our clients' needs.

The correct choice of complementary service can enable detailed informing for recipients, increased probability of fast delivery, or allow recipients to specify a new destination for their parcel. By combining more than one service, we make a perfect solution to the specific needs of senders as well as recipients.

Parcel transport tailored to the customer's needs

• Possibility of cash on delivery
• Additional insurance coverage
• Collection and return of goods back to sender
• Goods replacement
• Green transport of goods

Increased probability of succesful delivery

• Pre-delivery notification via SMS or e-mail
• Delivery to a ParcelShop
• Delivery only to the recipient after a proof of identity
• Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours

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