Transport times

Thanks to an interconnected and well-coordinated transport network, GLS delivers shipments with short transit times throughout Europe.

Short transport times abroad are achieved by the unified pan-European GLS transport network, in which the parcel still travels under one transport number and is not passed on to other entities outside the Czech Republic.

Delivery in Czech Republic the next working day
Delivery in Europe in 48 to 168 hours
Transparent parcel tracking in the whole of Europe
Parcel is delivered under one parcel number in all of Europe

Standard delivery times

By default, GLS delivers the next working day after dispatch within the Czech Republic. As for deliveries abroad, standard transport times range from 48 to 168 hours.

ZoneCountry (transport time in working days**)
SKSlovakia (1-2)
First zoneGermany (2), Poland (2), Austria (2)
Second zoneBelgium (2), Denmark (3), France (2-3), Netherlands (2), Croatia (3)*, Luxembourg (2), Hungary (2), Slovenia (3)
Third zoneBulgaria (4), Estonia (4), Ireland (4), Italy (3-4), Lithuania (4), Spain (4-7), Romania (3)
Fourth zoneFinland (4-6), Portugal (4-7), Sweden (3-6)

* In case of transport to the Croatian islands, the transport time may be extended.

** The stated transport times are indicative and are not guaranteed.