Information on the energy mix

Calculating the energy mix

When calculating the energy mix, GLS Austria bases its calculations on an index that is determined using the “Energy monitor” published by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) in Austria.

Energy monitor

GLS Austria determines the index and thus the energy mix for each month. The last published index value from the previous month forms the basis for calculating the mix for the current month.

The index from May 2005, which corresponds to a energy mix of 0%, serves as the starting point for the overall calculation of the GLS energy mix.

Parcel shipments inDue dateIndex change
to May 2005
Energy mix
October 202318.09.2023120,22 points14,60 %
September 202321.08.2023106,01 points12,49 %
August 202317.07.202387,84 points10,35 %
July 202319.06.202380,87 points9,24 %
June 202315.05.202378,69 points8,43 %
May 202317.04.202390,71 points9,72 %
April 202320.03.202395,36 points10,21 %
March 202320.02.2023102,87 points11,02 %
February 202316.01.2023112,57 points12,06 %
January 202319.12.2022102,46 points10,98 %
December 202221.11.2022127,87 points13,70 %
November 202217.10.2022154,64 points16,57 %