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Calculating the diesel surcharge

When calculating the diesel surcharge, GLS Austria bases its calculations on an index that is determined using the “Fuel Price Monitor” published by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) in Austria.

Fuel Price Monitor

GLS Austria determines the index and thus the diesel surcharge for each month. The last published index value from the previous month forms the basis for calculating the surcharge for the current month.

The index from May 2005, which corresponds to a diesel surcharge of 0%, serves as the starting point for the overall calculation of the GLS diesel surcharge.

Parcel dispatch inIndex of
previous month on
Index change
to May 2005
Diesel surcharge
July 202121.06.202140.57 points4.35 %
June 202125.05.202136.89 points3.95 %
May 202126.04.202134.70 points3.72 %
April 202122.03.202133.74 points3.61 %
March 202122.02.202129.92 points3.20 %
February 202125.01.202123.50 points2.52 %
January 202114.12.202017.08 points1.83 %
December 202023.11.202014.34 points1.54 %
November 202019.10.202011.48 points1.23 %
October 202014.09.202014.07 points1.51 %
September 202017.08.202015.30 points1.64 %
August 202020.07.202015.71 points1.68 %

Brexit – be well prepared with GLS

The negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU continue. If the country withdraws without an agreement, it will have the status of a third country.

Shipped goods must then be cleared through customs. Not a problem! As a reliable partner for worldwide shipping, GLS can rely on proven processes for handling imports and exports smoothly. Even in the case of an unregulated Brexit, you can rely on us to stay by your side.

Current safety instructions

Criminals who order goods on the internet using a false identity and illegally obtained credit card data have recently been increasingly turning to “parcel agents”, as they are called. This job, usually offered as a side job, consists of accepting parcels and forwarding them to other addresses, often abroad.

This is intended to conceal the whereabouts of the fraudulently ordered goods. The police warn against accepting job offers as a parcel agent. This seemingly lucrative part-time job means involvement in fraud and money laundering – with criminal and financial consequences.

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