Why would you want GLS Parcel Locker at your location?

Greater frequency of location visits-possibillity of increasing your sales

Parcel Locker can be named after your Business-advertising of your Business

GLS is the recipient of Best Buy Award 23/24 as the best in the express delivery category according to recipients

Use innovative approach to Increase location popularity

Transparent contractual relationship between space owners and GLS

The space will gain purpose and importance

Higher frequency at your location
Transparent contract with the owner of the space
Environmentally friendly delivery
Parcel Locker can become your advertising tool


-The dimensions of the Parcel Locker (with 5 verticals: 300x60x200 cm d/w/h)

- We only need space and a connection to electricity (220V)

- It can be completely freestanding (it has its own roof)

- The floor should be concrete or asphalt - it needs to be fixed in the floor or into the wall

You have to be owner of the land or have consent to rent the space to us. The investment in is entirely carried out by GLS Slovenia. A lease agreement is signed with the owner of the land. Access to the Parcel Locker has to be enabled 24/7. The contract can be signed both with a person or a legal entity.

Yes, photovoltaics Parcel Lockers aslo need access to electricity.

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We were really skeptical about the placement of the Parcel Locker, but now we can say with confidence that it was a decision that brought us positive results! The concern for the aesthetic appearance and the surroundings turned out to be unnecessary (We were mainly worried about whether there would be pollution of the surroundings with packaging, plastic, bags, leaflets, etc.). More importantly, we attracted new customers with the Parcel Locker, who visited Liza's garden out of curiosity. And what did we get? Simple excitement! Our offer and atmosphere charmed them, so that some users of the Parcel Locker became our regular customers. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to expand our family of satisfied customers!

Parcel Locker location: Liza's Garden