Responsible approach to COVID-19

Contactless delivery protects the health of all participants.

Basic rules for preventing the spread of the disease during the delivery process:

  • Delivery of parcels is done outdoors, where possible.
  • Masks must be used in all enclosed spaces
  • We maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
  • We disinfect our hands regularly.
  • Delivery is done without contact and without a signature (within FlexDeliveryService you can choose the option of contactless delivery, which means that the courier leaves the parcel at a distance and delivers the package without a signature, only with the name and surname. Or you can order delivery to another place, such as on the terrace or in front of the door. The courier does not write down your name and surname and does not wait for your arrival. In this case, no complaints are possible.)
  • Recipients are recommended to use the GLS Parcel Locker and pay for their parcels before the delivery of the parcels with the credit card.

Responsibility for our health is in the hands of all of us. GLS also joins the call for mutual protection of our health.

Please try to reduce the number of parcels paid after the delivery (encourage customers to pay with Proforma Invoice or credit cards). Allow us to protect our employees - GLS couriers, to have as little contact with recipients as possible, and in this way we also protect recipients.

The international parcel weight limit is 31.5 kg. For Great Britain and Switzerland, weight limit is 30 kg.

In the current situation, we strive to continue to provide quality services, while also protecting the health of the people who work for us.To this end, we are introducing a weight limit of 31.5 kg in Europe for export and import packaging. Parcels weighing more than 31.5 kg shall stop at the international transhipment point and then returned to the consignor.

In the event that the recipient of the parcel closes its premises, the parcel is returned to the sender, so check if the recipient is operating.