Video instructions

For an easier presentation and use of our services, we have attached short video instructions below. This will make picking up the parcel, packing the parcel, etc even easier!

Collecting the parcel from the GLS Parcel Locker

Short video instructions on how you can pick up and pay for a parcel at GLS Parcel Locker in an easy and, above all, fast way.

Instructions for GLS packaging

Brief instructions and guidelines from GLS for proper parcel packing. As we know, goods that are not properly packed can be damaged or damage other goods, so it is highly recommended to follow the guidelines when packing. The video shows what is correct packaging and what is not correct. instructions for use

Enables you fast sending parcels in Slovenia and abroad for both companies and individuals. We have prepared a short video for you with instructions to make ordering easy as possible!

1. Package and measure your parcel
2. Determine the pickup location
3. Determine the delivery location
4. Choose services
5. Submit your order using a safe payment system

GLS Simple return

An example of easy returns is shown, which is easy and fast, and the service is free for the customer.