For people of today and tomorrow

People of different ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief work at and for GLS. Appreciation, respect and understanding in interacting with employees and partners are important principles of the Group.
An intensive exchange with all transport partners, who serve the last mile for GLS in the collection and delivery of parcels, is an integral part of the cooperation.

Staff development is a fundamental aspect of the GLS strategy as the Group seeks to ensure long-term success for the company and its employees.
Furthermore, it is very important for the management and staff to support people in need of help. GLS companies throughout Europe promote selected initiatives within their social environment – by direct sponsorships as well as by providing free transportation services.

Training and professional development

GLS supports the development of young employees with a sound and practically relevant training programme. The GLS Group provides its employees with individual training and leadership opportunities.
In Germany, for example, GLS trains CEP professionals, IT professionals, office communication professionals and IT system integration experts. A dual study course in logistics management and business informatics is offered in conjunction with universities of applied science. The professional development portfolio is rounded off with an in-house business management programme.

Social activities

GLS uses its country-specific structures to support selected initiatives in each nation. GLS national subsidiaries support numerous charitable projects by organising both regional and nationwide initiatives.
These include free parcel shipping for aid organisations and the sponsorship of foundations for people with developmental or physical disabilities. At a local level, the depots provide financial support to many nursery schools, hospitals, hospices and other charitable institutions. Further activities can be found on the websites of the GLS subsidiaries as well in the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Report.

Culture and sports sponsoring

As a part of modern society, GLS gets involved in sport and cultural projects. In some cases these sponsorships are combined with a social commitment. GLS Belgium, for examples, sponsors the Belgian national football team, and staff, partners and people with disabilities are invited to each home game of the team.

Children on camp Jurcek sponsored by GLS Slovenia Children on camp Jurcek sponsored by GLS Slovenia

GLS proudly sponsors socially responsible organizations

The Association of active holidays on the Jurček farm was established with the aim of contributing to quality and active holidays, encouraging cooperation and socializing between members of the association and other related organizations, the association of children and children with special needs and their parents / guardians, to contribute to the awareness of the general public about the way of working (buddy system) and to support a high quality and innovative non-profit open social space program working on an under-researched field.