Through wholly owned and partner companies, the GLS Group covers over 40 countries and is globally connected via contractual agreements. Parcel service quality is our top priority – over 250,000 customers rely on us.

GLS Slovenia has the best employees

GLS Slovenia

GLS is the second largest parcel service provider in Slovenia. Parcel delivery within Slovenia in less than 24 hours and next-day delivery to Austria. Shipments to almost all other countries in Europe reach their destination within 24 to 96 hours. Complete shipment tracking, extremely low damage rates, an attractive price-performance ratio.

GLS e-kolo

GLS Group

Quality leader in European parcel logistics

GLS links dense national distribution networks with precisely-coordinated long-distance transport services. The company’s processes and IT systems are harmonised across Europe. Security and reliability thus come as standard.

GLS meeting on which code of business standards are being checked

Code of Business Standards

The Code of Business Standards forms the basis of all business activities of the GLS Group. Furthermore it shows the obligation of the GLS Group towards its stakeholders.