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Trust in a service that enables an individual to connect with the world, market goods in an international environment and open new markets.

Let delivery be your competitive advantage

With the highest quality parcel distributor in Slovenia, your business will be even better.

Liability for shipment values up to EUR 200 per parcel (possible surcharges for parcels with a higher value up to EUR 2000). A second delivery attempt is included for private customers of the GLS Parcel Shop service (if this service is available in the country). In addition to the EU, we also cover Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Serbia and Norway. We also arrange export customs clearance for the listed countries. For export shipments, we also offer the option of delivery by notification by e-mail or SMS notification. For certain countries, we may also offer cash on delivery or a payment card


Flexible delivery: Your recipient is informed in advance of the estimated delivery time of the parcel, and also has the option to choose the most appropriate delivery method for themselves.


Cash on delivery gives the customer a further choice: cash or payment cards.
All GLS couriers have a bank card terminal (POS) with them.

GLS is the first choice of online stores.
We have adapted parcel delivery to the modern consumer.
Online retailers trust us because we offer complete services and because we support e-commerce.

Do you send more than 40 parcels per month?

Everyday shippers can contract with GLS and ensure prices tailored to your business, size, way of doing business and the specifics of your recipients. Together we will find a solution and the right combination of services that we can perform for you, to ensure greater satisfaction of recipients and thus a competitive advantage.

Shipping parcels

GLS courier arrives every day at your address for parcels. To prepare the parcel for collection, you need a GLS sticker - a label that you stick on the packaging. The label contains the barcode of the parcel number and provides real-time tracking. Prepare it yourself in the program for sending parcels or via the API connection or "Webservice" called directly from your online store or ERP system. MyGLS is free for you.

 GLS Customer support team answering the phones

Customer information

We are committed to support your business in Slovenia, and we offer complete services. As such, our goal is always the same: to gain and maintain your trust. If you want to reach out to us, we are always available.