SameDay delivery to Parcel Locker

At GLS Slovenia, we have found a solution that allows you to pick up the parcel you ordered in online store on the day of the order. You do not need to visit a physical store, but pick up your order on your way home or when you go about your daily errands.

What exactly does that mean?

If you make a purchase in the online store by 12:30 and select "Same-day delivery to Parcel Locker", you can pick up the parcel the same day at one of more than 500 GLS Parcel Lockers.

For which cities is the service enabled?

The service is available for Ljubljana, Kranj, Koper, Celje and Novo mesto.

In which online store can you order same-day delivery to GLS Parcel Locker?

There are quite a few online stores that offer the service in Slovenia, below you can check which major online retailers (Ambassadors of same day delivery) also offer the service.

Mimovrste MrPet Emporium

Happy customer opening a box

Sameday delivery specifics

-Take advantage of direct delivery to Parcel Locker on the day of the order already in 5 cities: LJ, KP, CE, KR, NM. You receive the parcel on the day of the order.

- If you place the order by 12:30 and select "Same day delivery to the Parcel Locker", you can pick up the parcel the same day at one of the 500 ​​GLS Parcel Lockers. Any of them can become your pickup point.

- Pick-up at Parcel Locker without fees. Card payment enabled.

- Delivery to Parcel Locker (or PUDO points) is cheaper than classic delivery and at the same time green delivery (fewer kilometers traveled for delivery to the recipient).

The biggest advantage:

you pick up your parcel already on the day of the order at a distribution price that is lower than classic delivery!

Pick up of the parcel from a Parcel Locker

What do you have to know abouth GLS Parcel Lockers?

Maybe you haven't come into contact with Parcel Locker yet? Picking up your parcel from Parcel Locker is ready in less than a minute. Pick up from Parcel Locker without commission. The process is extremely simple, and payment by credit card is also possible. Why choose GLS Parcel Locker? Check out the advantages in the answers to the most frequently asked questions and a video that will teach you how to pick up a parcel from Parcel Locker here

Free pick up. Without costs or additional provisions
Free pick up. Without costs or additional provisions
Parcel is available for pick up 24/7
Payment with credit cards is available
Without waiting lines in privacy
Delivery with less transport routes