GLS standard service:

Door-to-door delivery to all addresses
Delivery between 8AM and 5PM the next working day
Refund of a rejected parcel at no extra cost
Insurance for each parcel up to the value of 200€, optional for additional insurance up to 2000€
Separate sorting for sensitive small parcels
Track&Trace online tracking with proof of delivery
Daily parcels delivery status report
Free use of GLS software
Contact center for senders and recipients
Customs portal and organized returns

Certain guidelines must be followed when packing

Customer holding a parcel outdoor Customer holding a parcel outdoor

Optional delivery

FlexDeliveryService and FlexDeliverySMSService

Time management is an increasingly important factor in modern logistics. At GLS, we make sure that the recipients are informed in advance about the expected time frame for the delivery of the parcel, and they also have the opportunity to choose the most suitable delivery method for them.

We have upgraded the flexibility of delivery with the ViberOnly Solution, which allows you to communicate two-way with the courier, who is delivering your parcel on the day of delivery. Are you not going to be at the address at the scheduled time? No problem. You will receive a Viber notification in which you will have the option to redirect your parcel to a Parcel Locker, Parcel Shop or a safe place of your choice.

GLS Click&Collect Paketomat Slovenija

ShopDelivery Service

Direct delivery to GLS Parcel Locker or Parcel Shop.

With ShopDeliveryService you send the sold goods to the customer directly to the selected collection point - to GLS Parcel Locker or GLS Parcel Shop. The recipient chooses the pick-up location when ordering the goods - in your online shopping cart. Advantage: lower distribution cost.

POS payment

All couriers are equipped with POS terminals

Compared to the competition, all our couriers are equipped with POS terminals for card payments. Cash on delivery is an important requirement of recipients or customers, which we have to enable. Also, all GLS Parcel Lockers are equipped with the possibility of card payment.

Customer signing a Contract or identifies himself

Organized returns

GLS Easy returns

The customer simply returns the parcel back to you, the service is free for the customer. The easy returns process is SIMPLE but not TOO SIMPLE (an advantage for you!) Add a return option on your website and set a return deadline. The buyer clicks on the link on your website, which is received from our site. In the next step, the buyer's information and the logo of your company are displayed, the buyer enters his information and the number of invoice/order and after reviewing the data, confirms the return, whereby a label is automatically created. Attach the label to the parcel and hand it in at the nearest GLS Parcel Locker (or GLS Parcel Shop).

GLS ShopReturnService

Give your customers a convenient returns solution. Recipients can choose from more than 460 locations of GLS Parcel Lockers (and 750 locations of GLS Parcel Stores in Slovenia). We charge you postage only for parcels that are actually returned. The recipient uses a pre-prepared label. No cost for your customer.

Customer accepting a parcel from GLS

Customs portal

With the GLS customs portal, customs clearance is easy and transparent.

• When sending packages outside the EU, customers must provide GLS with customs information for their shipments to ensure smooth export and import customs clearance.

• The required customs data can be entered manually or imported into the GLS customs portal

• In addition to the customs data itself, it is possible to send other export documents electronically via the customs portal - e.g. export invoice.

What GLS offers:

✔️Excellent transit times

✔️Simplified customs clearance process for Switzerland, Serbia and Great Britain

✔️Track & Trace online tracking technology with receipt download

✔️E-mail/SMS notification option also for export

✔️In some EU countries, it is possible for customer to pay cost on delivery

Delivery woman delivering a parcel

Payment after delivery and export to all EU countries

At GLS, we traditionally offer export to all EU countries at extremely competitive prices, also for small parcels.

However, we can offer payment after delivery for Slovenia and the following export countries: Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

The shipping procedure is the same as for Slovenia:

-Recipient can pay after delivery in cash

-Payments are transferred twice a week to your Bank account

-Notification of the recipient is also included

-Transit time: 48 hours

Why GLS?

Wide owned GLS network, which makes transit times shorter

COD transits according to your wishes

The possibility of doing business abroad with the option of cash on delivery

Development solution: Same-day delivery to Parcel Locker changes the standards of express delivery

A large fulfillment center that enables boutique standards (perfuming packages...)

Organized returns (Slovenia and abroad)

Map of network GLS Slovenia

Wide network GLS Slovenia

✔️1 sorting facility (HUB)

✔️24 Depos

✔️More than 600 vehicles

✔️More than 500 GLS Parcel Lockers

✔️More than 520 GLS Parcel Shops