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The parcel sender decides the delivery information. If you provide us with your contact information we will keep you informed about the delivery of your parcel. Therefore you can foresee where you will be at the time we will deliver your parcel. GLS delivers parcels from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning. If we are still unable to find you at the address you provided, we will leave you a notification and leave the parcel in a GLS ParcelLocker so you can pick it up later. If you do not pick up the parcel within 4 business days, we will try again to deliver the parcel. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, we will return the parcel to the sender.

How GLS delivery works

GLS delivers parcels from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning.

GLS courier delivers a parcel to a chosen location

You choose, we deliver!

Redirect your parcel to where you are. There are various pick-up points or you can change the delivery address or the day of delivery.


We are here for you

Find out how we can get your parcel to you as quickly as possible.

Delivery notification

How GLS notifies you of the progress of your parcel depends on your sender

Delivery process GLS

Delivery process

For a better understanding of our delivery process, take a look at our diagram showing the entire process from ordering a parcel all the way to its delivery.