GLS still deliveries most of the parcels to domestic or another address.

We offer GLS Parcel Lockers as an option where the service is truly tailored to the recipient, as the recipient himself determines the time and pick-up point where he will pick up the parcel. We upgraded delivery to GLS Parcel Locker with a same-day delivery service in four Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Kranj, Celje and Koper).

In this way, we provide the recipient with almost immediate access to the ordered item, which brings the online shopping experience closer to the experience of shopping in a physical store. Soon, the four Slovenian cities will be joined by two larger Slovenian cities.

GLS Ambasador

Become a GLS Ambasador

the GLS Ambassador concept envisages the presentation and display of same-day delivery to GLS Parcel Locker in your online store.

As an Ambassador, you receive special benefits and exposure that only business partners with this status receive.

Your activities

Integration of the service into your online store

graphically highlight same-day delivery to Parcel Locker in the shopping cart (e.g. we recommend)

the price of the service you offer to your customers must be coordinated with your sales representative

when visiting your website, it must be clear that your online store provides the service (banners that promote the service - can also be in your graphic image/creatives can be provided by us in our graphic image, GLS Ambasador logo...)

More than 15.800 pick-up options available (Parcel Lockers, Parcel Shops, Depots)
Advantages and exposure of business partners
Flexible delivery

Adventages for you

special (lower) price of the service compared to other online merchants who do not have Ambassador status

additional delivery options for your customers

lower cost of postage for your customers

your logo and a link to your online store on our official website where you are presented as an Ambassador

your logo on photos or mention of your online store in the text, in all posts on official GLS social profiles, which in terms of content present same-day delivery to GLS Parcel Locker

your logo or mention of your online store in the text, in all promotional e-mail messages, which in terms of content represent same-day delivery to GLS Parcel Locker

The delivery price remains unchanged until 31.3.2023 or in agreement with specific client

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GLS Ambassadors of Same day delivery to Parcel Locker