IdentPINService key IdentPINService key

Even more secure deliveries

IdentPINService is a high value-added service that protects your shipments. Thanks to IdentPINService, only the designated recipient can receive the shipment. The delivery, in fact, can only take place after the PIN code, provided in advance by the sender, has been entered on the GLS driver's handheld device. The delivery is therefore tied to knowledge of the PIN code communicated by the sender to the recipient.
With IdentPINService you make your shipments personal and secure.

The IdentPINService certifies the only recipient authorised to collect the shipment
Only the sender and recipient know the PIN code
In the absence of the PIN, or at the third incorrect entry, the delivery is blocked
High level of security in the delivery process

Compatible products

A wide range of Supplementary Products and Services are at your disposal so that each shipment responds to your specific needs.
Find out which ones are compatible with IdentPINService.

Our great flexibility allows us to ship up to 500 kg and always meet your needs, offering you tailor-made solutions.


Your valuable shipments move within the national circuit in reserved areas, accessible only to dedicated personnel and rigorously monitored.