How to pack shipments

How to pack shipments How to pack shipments

How to pack shipments

Using packaging that is suitable for the type of goods transported guarantees safe deliveries

Outer packaging
What kind of packaging to choose?

Goods packed in high-quality, moisture-resistant cardboard boxes and double-walled cardboard boxes are generally well protected. The protection of corners, surfaces and edges is particularly important. It is better to use new boxes; used packaging is only suitable for resilient goods. The heavier the content, the more stable the outer packaging must be.

Internal padding
How to protect the content?

Any empty spaces inside a box must be filled with padding. Contained goods should not be able to move around. Check that the padding material used is compatible with the goods sent using specific polystyrene moulds for heavy and delicate goods. No direct contact should be possible between the goods and the outer packaging.

What is the best way to seal the parcel?

The parcel must be wrapped with adhesive tape and well sealed, on all sides. The heavier or larger the parcel, the stronger the adhesive tape must be. A robust seal is essential for safe transport.

Application of the label
Where should the label be applied?

Apply the label on the long side of the parcel. If you are recycling packaging, remove old stickers or labels. We suggest you do not group your goods together, but label every single parcel.