At GLS we offer a wide range of solutions for sending and receiving parcels in Italy and Europe. Find out which services you can take advantage of thanks to our network of delivery and pick-up points

Our hectic everyday lives often require us to do everything quickly, even when it comes to sending and delivering parcels.
We at GLS are well aware of this, which is why we have developed a range of services that can help people send and receive their shipments.

GLS's extensive network of delivery and pick-up points

It often happens that you cannot be available at your home and cannot collect a parcel during the working week. Other times, however, it happens that you cannot find a free moment to go in person to make a shipment.

We at GLS have come up with various solutions that can solve these problems and optimise the collection and dispatch processes. Thanks to our network and the services we offer, you will be able to send your parcels quickly and collect your shipments respectively.
Here is an overview of all our out-of-home delivery services possible with the GLS network!

Manage parcel pick-ups and deliveries* at the Parcel Shop

The latest industry studies show that everyone makes an online purchase at least once in their life.
Many people cannot help but buy what they need on the web for comfort or convenience. With the possibility of setting at check-out the Parcel Shop where one's goods are to arrive, it becomes easier to pick up the parcel directly at a PUDO (Pick-up/Drop-off point).

And that's not all: if you chose home delivery at the time of purchase but will not be able to be there, with Flex Delivery Service you can change the delivery address or choose to pick up at a Parcel Shop.

Thanks to more than 50,000 GLS Parcel Shops (PUDO) in Italy and Europe, we are able to offer a solid and coordinated network within which those waiting for a shipment can find the most convenient point. Those waiting for a shipment are also always informed thanks to notifications by e-mail or text message. Notifications will inform them when the shipment is ready for pick-up.

*Shipments purchased on GLS store can be sent via Parcel Shops in Italy

City Depot, your parcel in the city centre

It is now easier not only to receive but also to send your parcels thanks to City Depot.
We strive to meet the needs of all those people who lead hectic lives and are often in the city centre. In this way, it will be easy to carve out a moment in the day - perhaps right on the way home from work - to pick up the shopping done online or the parcel sent by the family, without long queues at the counters or having to wait for other delivery attempts.

And why not take advantage of this to send anywhere? At our City Depot you will find support and assistance from qualified staff who can advise on the best packaging and types of delivery, so that your parcel reaches its destination in the shortest possible time.

An ideal service not only for private costumers, but also for businesses, small artisans and offices wishing to send objects or documents quickly, just a short walk from their shop/office to a City Depot!