We at GLS have come up with a solution that meets all the needs of city centre residents who want to send, receive and store parcels with a personalised service. It is called City Depot and it is both a GLS point of sale and a delivery and collection point, with all the quality and exclusive service you can find on your doorstep.

From today you can use City Depot as a pick-up and delivery point, choose to buy the packaging for your shipments here and much more.

GLS parcel pick-up points and much, much more

Milan cathedral Milan cathedral

In the heart of our major cities, City Depots act as GLS parcel pick-up points and places to store your precious post until you are ready to collect it. Purchases made online, care packages from your family and gifts delivered remotely will be pampered here until you come to collect them.

The convenience? They are located in transit locations, where you can pick your shipment up on foot or by bike, before you get home from work or when you go for an aperitif with your friends in the city centre.

What is the nearest pick-up point to me?

If you are looking for a place where your parcels are carefully stored and then delivered directly into your hands, one of our City Depots is the right place. Qualified staff will take care of your parcel until you pick it up, at the day and time that suits you best.

GLS shipping points in the city centre

Milan cathedral Milan cathedral

We know that there are many shipping needs in the city centre. Craftsmen and artists who want to send their creations directly to the buyer's home; studios and businesses exchanging mail and documents; friends who want to send small thoughts to each other on special occasions.

There is no longer any need for long queues or going out of town: in the city centre the GLS City Depot accommodates all the needs of citizens at a small price.

A personalised service dedicated to you

"A parcel delivery point near to me does not exist!" or "What a struggle to send my parcels".
Have you ever thought that? Thanks to the City Depot, not any more.

From here, you can send anything you want, even with customised packaging. That bottle of wine so precious to your friend across town (or across Europe) and the delicate handmade products you create with your own hands will arrive to the recipient in perfect condition, and you will have a 100% dedicated service, guiding you from the choice of packaging to the delivery of the package.

Efficient shipping point (also international!)

For a small price you can use the GLS shipping point to send packages in the city, province and all over Italy.

But that's not all: City Depots also offer an international shipping service, perfect for you who have a small business downtown or friends who live abroad. In Europe and some non-EU countries, packages will arrive in 3-4 working days. Visit us to find out how much better it is to ship abroad, without queues and with packaging specially designed for your needs.