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FAQs about website

First, you will need the tracking number. If you don’t have it, ask the sender. For shipments within Italy, it has 1 or 2 letters and 8 or 9 digits; for international shipments, 11 or 12 digits and no letters. Simply enter the tracking number in the space provided to find your shipment.
Alternatively, call customer services on + 39 and follow the simple automatic instructions.

Yes, the Track & Trace section has the most up-to-date details on the status of your shipment. Information on its progress is updated every time the GLS system reads a label. If the shipment has to travel the length of the country or is bound for abroad, then there may be a few days between updates.

No. You must ask the sender to do so.

For shipments consisting of several packages within Italy, you need just one tracking number to monitor all the packages. For international shipments, the sender must provide a tracking number for each individual parcel shipped. The name or the sender/recipient details are not enough.

We suggest that you check the Expected Delivery Times section, entering the starting locality and the destination. Then check your shipment’s status in the Track & Trace section, by entering the tracking number provided by the sender. If you find that a problem has occurred, report it to the sender or the person who paid for the shipment so that they can open a complaint.

Standard shipments are delivered during the day, typically from Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Delivery can be tailored to the recipient’s special requirements, but only if the sender has paid for one of the additional services available.

For logistical/distribution reasons, the shipment will be delivered on the next working day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

Sometimes, e.g. for delivery to Italy’s small islands or remote areas, we use a local partner to transport the shipment on the final leg of its journey and deliver it.

To arrange a redelivery, you must contact the sender. Generally, for online orders, the sender’s details are available on the website where the purchase was made.

That means that the recipient did not accept the shipment. Only the sender can release it and reschedule it for delivery.

The delivery address cannot be found because some details are wrong or missing. Only the sender can complete or correct the shipping address and release the shipment. We always recommend that you give all the details that may help to get the shipment delivered: the name on the doorbell, the street and number, the postcode, the city, locality, district and any staircase number, flat number, block number, etc.

The shipment is waiting at the GLS Depot for the recipient to collect it. To do so, the recipient must bring an ID document and the GLS reference number. If the recipient cannot go to the Depot, they can nominate someone else. That person will need the tracking number, a photocopy of the recipient’s identity document, their own identity document, and the recipient’s authorisation for them to collect the shipment.

The shipment has not arrived yet, it is in transit. You must wait for an update the next day.

The shipment will be delivered on the next working day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). For shipments using the FlexDeliveryService, the recipient will receive an email with the link to release the shipment, where they can choose a date for the redelivery. If the recipient does not receive it, they can contact the sender to get the shipment released.

To book a collection of a shipment at your home address, simply use the pick-up request function. To book a collection for the same day, you must make the request before 1 p.m. Requests entered after 1 p.m. will be processed the following day, excluding Saturdays and public holidays. If you are an account holder, you must log in using the credentials provided by the GLS Depot where you opened your account. If you are not an account holder, you must register to use this service. “Carriage paid” means that the sender pays for the shipment; “carriage unpaid” means that the recipient pays.

1. Centralised Customer Care - contact us on freephone 800184726 or fill in the “Contact us” Form on the website.

2. Customer Service at the local Depot .

You can find the indicative and generic price list for shipping services on the website at this link .

For a detailed quotation tailored to your needs, please contact your local Depot .

The shipment is considered damaged if the package - or the envelope - has suffered damage to the packaging or contents. If the packaging is damaged, you must sign the proof of delivery at the time of delivery and indicate the damage in detail, e.g. "Check for torn packaging" or refuse the shipment. If the package was otherwise intact, but you have found damage to the contents after opening, you must report it as soon as possible to the sender or to the person who paid for the shipment, who can then open a complaint file with the carrier within 8 calendar days from the day after delivery.

We take great care to deliver everything correctly, but a shipment may occasionally arrive at the wrong address. If that happens, please tell GLS customer services, stating: • the tracking number, i.e. the code made up of numbers and letters under the barcode on the shipping document • the details of the person who received the shipment in error • the details of the correct recipient stated on the address on the packaging.

Tell the sender immediately; they can ask for proof of delivery (only the person who paid for the shipment can do this), and then they can make a complaint, if necessary.

The service charter is published on the website. You can find it at this link .

If you need information on the tracking of your shipment see the first FAQ to find out how to do it, or check the status of your shipment online .

If you would like to make a formal complaint, please download and fill in attachment no. xx to the Service Charter.

FAQs about App

You can find the last three searches on the homepage, within the section 'Your latest searches'. Otherwise, you can view the search history within the 'Search archive' section accessible from the quick search button on the homepage or in the 'Discover' section from the footer menu.

Tap the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the shipment box: Track&Trace details will appear.

Search for a new Track&Trace from the homepage or identify a shipment within the 'Search archive' section, then tap the blue 'forward' arrow icon. Select the application with which to share the link to the Track&Trace of the shipment. The person receiving the link will be redirected directly to the public tracking of the shipment.

Within the 'Search Archive' section, identify the shipment you wish to rename and tap on the blue pencil icon. Enter the name of the shipment and tap on "Confirm". You can choose to reset the consignment number by selecting "Reset consignment number".

In order to be able to search for the nearest Depot or GLS Parcel Shop to you, the App needs to know your location. The first time you access the "Find Locations and Shops" section, a message will automatically appear asking for your consent to geolocalisation. Should you wish to deny consent and activate the function later, you must unlock it in your smartphone settings.

Apple users: You can activate or deactivate location services under Settings > Privacy > Location services.

Android users: You can activate or deactivate location services under Settings > Location

Select from the quick menu on the homepage or from the footer menu "Find Locations or Shops".

Location or postcode: enter the location or postcode and tap the "Search" button > Select Location > View map and select point of interest for details.

Geolocation: activate geolocation through the "Use my location" button > View map and select point of interest to know detailed data.

Locations List: select the "Locations List" item and view the list of GLS locations in alphabetical order.

Once you have searched for a Depot or Parcel Shop within the map, you will be able to view all its details. Tap the arrow at the top to expand the card and view further details, such as opening hours and directions via the device's default navigation app, or phone and email details for Depots only.

From the homepage, tap on the 'user' icon in the top right-hand corner and on the 'register' button.

  • Enter your e-mail address and select 'Send verification code'.
  • Enter the verification code that was sent to your e-mail address and select "Verify code".
  • Once your e-mail address has been verified, you can continue with registration. Enter the required information and tap on "Continue".

When the service is available for your delivery, you will receive a push notification or an in-app message if you are already logged in with your App profile. Tap on the notification/message and view the options available to customise your delivery.

With Flex Delivery Service you can choose from six different customisation options: "Choose a pick-up point between GLS Head Office and Parcel Shop", "Change the scheduled delivery date", "Enter a new delivery address", "Indicate a safe delivery location", "Authorise delivery to neighbour", "Reject delivery".

Yes, you can customise the delivery in the App by connecting via mobile device to the link received with the Flex Delivery email notification and confirming the opening in the app.

There is no dedicated Flex Delivery customisation menu in the app: options can only be displayed when the notification is opened.

It is only possible to access delivery customisation again from the App from the link received with the Flex Delivery email notification.

The App personal profile is different from the GLS website profile and does not share its credentials. To access the App personal area, you must first register with a new App profile.