... There is one around the corner!

Benefits for sender and recipient
Dedicated Customer Service and Technology
Ever-expanding network
More sustainability
Efficient services

Shop Delivery Service

Great flexibility and customer satisfaction
Convenience and autonomy for recipients
Choice at more than 50,000 pickup points throughout Europe
Always up-to-date thanks to e-mail and SMS notifications
Also suitable for businesses

How does it work?


The recipient

makes an online purchase and chooses at check out delivery to a Parcel Shop. He views all the list and select the most convenient Shop for his needs.

Parcel Shop

The Parcel Shop

has a list of expected shipments: the new one is added to the list of incoming shipments until it is delivered by the GLS driver.

delivery notification

The delivery

is ready to pick up. Recipient is notified: he will have 10 days to pick up the package at the Parcel Shop (he will get a reminder after 5 days).


Option A: the pickup takes place

The recipient picks up the package: the Shop collects his signature and the shipment is delivered.

GLS driver

Option B: the pickup does not take place

If the recipient does not pick up the parcel within 10 days, the driver will automatically pick up the undelivered parcel which will be returned to the sender.


And it doesn't end there!

Flex Delivery Service

Significant density in Europe