For us, shipping a parcel to Italy is never simply moving it from one place to another. When you entrust us with a parcel for national express shipping, you are entrusting us with a piece of your life to give to someone.

We will treat your precious shipment with the respect and care it deserves, and get it to the recipient as quickly as possible. Our shipping agents in Italy are more than just couriers: they are carriers of dreams, hopes and emotions.

Find out how we can make domestic parcel shipping safer and faster.

National Express - Shipments in Italy

National shipments management in the warehouse

National Express is the national express parcel service. We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions to get what you want, to whom you want it, when you want it. Don't believe us? Discover the details of National Express shipping.

National Express shipments

With National Express you can ship up to 500 kg, customising the time, destination and delivery method. An agreed delivery, an indirect pick-up, or any of your other requirements is our priority. Our national parcel shipment is tailor-made for you ー and for the recipient of the precious parcel.

The service is provided in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Transport contract signed by each customer when signing the contract with the relevant GLS Depot.

The advantages of shipping in Italy with GLS

- Express shipments in Italy take place door-to-door: from your door to the recipient's door, or from the Parcel Shop closest to you to the Parcel Shop most convenient for your recipient.
- Deliveries in 48 hours in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia; in 24 hours in the rest of Italy.
- Multi-pack parcel shipments in Italy, for those who have a lot of love to send.
- Constant monitoring with full information on the status of your domestic shipment.
- Advanced plug and play solutions such as Sell&Send 2.0 and shipping management systems such as Weblabeling.

Weight and dimensions of National Express shipments

Maximum shipping weight: 500kg
Maximum size: 300cm
Maximum weight per parcel: 70 kg
Maximum dimensions per pallet (height x width x length): 200 x 150 x 130 cm


Safe Plus, ship safely to Italy

Safe Plus shipment management in the warehouse

Safe Plus is the product for your highest value domestic shipments. Your parcel moves within the national circuit in restricted areas and every move is recorded. So you know where your goods is at all stages of the process.


Guaranteed national shipping

With Safe Plus we guarantee you, in addition to the usual traceability, to follow your valuable goods step by step. The national shipment of a valuable parcel is in fact closely monitored.
This national shipment is available for parcels up to 25 kg actual weight and delivery is carried out in 24 hours on the mainland and 48 hours in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia.

The advantages of valuable domestic parcel delivery

- Upon request, we can insure your national shipment with a cover All Risk up to a maximum of 2,500 € per parcel, without deductibles and/or excesses.
- Shipment delivery in Italy takes 24 hours, and 48 hours in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia.
- Guaranteed national multi-package shipments: all the valuables you want, when you want them.
- Tracked shipment of your parcel every step of the way.
- Advanced plug and play solutions such as Sell&Send 2.0 and shipping management systems such as Weblabeling.

Weight and dimensions

Maximum actual weight per parcel: 25 kg
Maximum sum of the 3 parcel dimensions: 150 cm


Services Compatible with National Delivery

We offer you a range of flexible services to suit your needs and the needs of those who will receive your shipment in Italy. Discover all the additional services compatible with domestic shipping.

Value added services