Truck toll

The Czech Republic has a kilometre-based toll system for trucks on highways and selected motorways. Almost all line-haul trucks and trailers used to transport parcels to distribution centres and depots in the GLS network are affected by the toll.

GLS Czech Republic passes on the toll charge to customers. The calculation is based on the weight of the parcels.

Although environment-friendly vehicles are given preferential treatment at GLS, the costs for toll payments are rising.

The toll surcharge for domestic transport is set to 0,54 CZK/kg from the January 1st 2015. In case of EUR based invoicing the surcharge remains 0,02 EUR/kg.

The toll surcharge for international transport is set to 1,15 CZK/kg from the April 1st 2019. In case of EUR based invoicing the surcharge remains 0,04 EUR/kg.

Prices for shipment via GLS ParcelShops or the online pick-up order tool e-Balik already include the surcharge.

More information on the truck toll in the Czech Republic: Ministry of Transportation