Packaging tips

Correct parcel packing must match the characteristics, size, weight and durability of its content. This is the only way to ensure safe delivery of intact goods.

When packing goods avoid the following:

Movement of goods inside the parcel

Prevent free movement of goods in the box with a sufficient amount of filling material (e.g. bubble wrap).

Direct contact of goods with external packing

By wrapping the goods in bubble wrap or other packaging material, prevent the goods from coming into direct contact with the cardboard box.

Mutual contact of items provided the box contains several items

If there are several pieces of goods in the parcel, it is necessary to separate them from each other with filling material.

Mutual taping or joining of individual parcels

If you need to send multiple parcels. Send each one separately.

Irregular parcel shape

The parcel must be a regular, stackable shape

Packing in foils or bags

The goods must be packed in a cardboard box.

When packing goods pay special attention to:

External wrapping
External wrapping

A cardboard box is made of various layers of carboard and is humidity resistant, making it ideal for delivery through the GLS network. Other packing material, such as bags or foils, are not suitable for large deliveries. We recommend using new boxes, as repeatedly used boxes lose their strength, and thus the capability to protect the goods inside. The heavier the goods, the stronger the wrap shall be, and in case of heavy articles it is important to fix corners and edges to avoid their deformation. For small articles you can use cardboard or plastic safety envelopes.

Internal filling
Internal filling

All free space shall be sufficiently filled with suitable material to avoid free move of goods inside the parcel. The filling material shall be used also for separation of goods from external box and of individual articles. Individual articles inside the parcel shall be packed in a damping material that protects them from mutual mechanical wear during the transport.


The box shall be carefully sealed with an adhesive tape in “H” shape. The heavier the parcel is, the stronger the tape shall be. For heavy parcels it is suitable to apply the tape on edges to avoid carton break due to the high weight of goods.

Address label application on a parcel
Address label

The delivery label shall be applied on the largest side of a parcel. Old stickers and address labels shall always be removed from the box. It is necessary to send parcels individually, whereas each parcel shall be marked with its unique delivery label. Joined or bound parcels are excluded from the transport.


Factors that influence parcel handling

Parcel load has to be able to withstand these factors during handling

Impact equal to the free fall from a height of 100 cm.
Vibration caused by the motion on the roller conveyors.
Pressure proportional to five times its own weight.
man with a tape and a parcel

Packing manual

More information about proper parcel packing for safe parcel delivery to the recipient are available in our Packing manual.