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Acting responsibly

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Protecting our environment is a key principle at GLS, and employees throughout Europe put it into practice each day.

In 2008 GLS launched its ThinkGreen environmental initiative to coordinate and actively promote the various activities within the GLS Group.

The aims of the initiative:

  • responsible use of resources
  • reduction of emissions
  • optimisation of waste disposal

Environmentally-conscious thoughts and actions pervade all areas of the company – from transportation planning to buildings and individual workplaces.

All European GLS companies have local environmental representatives. They are responsible for the implementation of group-wide environmental protection measures.

Environmental management: Certified to ISO 14001

The environmental management system of GLS helps implement the measures drawn up as part of the ThinkGreen initiative and achieve the set goals. In 2011, the environmental management system has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard for the first time – in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Meanwhile all GLS companies have achieved certification.

Eco footprint

GLS records and monitors its progress in environmental protection on a regular basis. Since 2008/2009, it carries out a group-wide eco footprint assessment in which data on emissions, resource consumption and waste disposal is gathered. In its current sustainability report GLS publishes emission development data. The method used for calculating emissions corresponds to ISO 14064-1 standard and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. GLS calculates carbon dioxide emissions per parcel based on its eco footprint.

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ISO & GDP certification

The GLS quality and environmental management system is certified and meets internationally recognised standards.

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GLS sustainability report

The GLS Group continued its sustainability activities and placed it on a wider foundation.

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