Express delivery of urgent parcels

GLS also provides its express delivery of small and fragile goods with its ExpressSmallParcel product that ensures a separate sorting of small and fragile parcels and their transport in special bags.

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Delivery before 12:00 the next working day
CO2 neutral transport
Online parcel tracking
Automatic incurance up to 20.000 CZK per parcel

Advantages of ExpressParcel and ExpressSmallParcel

  • Delivery on next business day before noon
  • Increased safety of small and fragile goods
  • Guarantee of money return
  • Parcel tracking in real time by Track&Trace
  • Digitalized confirmation on delivery with recipient´s signature available on-line
  • Second delivery attempt on next business day
  • Possible combitaion with additional services for cash on delivery payment or notification via SMS and e-mail

Size and weight restrictions
Restrictions for ExpressParcel

Width max. 80 cm
Height max. 60 cm
Length max. 200 cm
Girth max. 300 cm

Weight max. 40 kg

Restrictions for ExpressSmallParcel

Length: max. 40 cm
Weight: max. 3 kg

Parcel has to fit though a template for small parcels.

Goods excluded from transport

From transport via BusinessParcel and BusinessSmallParcel are these types of goods excluded:

  • Goods that is not packed or packed inadequately
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Bundled parcels
  • Perishable, infectious or malodorous goods
  • Human or animal remains
  • Livestock and platns
  • Goods in bags
  • Highly valuable goods (money, jewellery, etc.)
  • Works of art
  • Thermally unstable goods
  • Guns and explosives
  • Consignments addressed to P.O. box

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