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If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, let us know. The rate of damaged or lost shipments sent via GLS is very low, as reliability is of primary importance to our company. In case you are not If you are satisfied with our service, please let us know, or you can submit a complaint via the online contact form, or call our customer support.
We need a parcel number to handle your complaint, but unfortunately we can't help you without it.

Submit a complaint online

Submit a complaint online

Complete the online complaint form. We will respond to your complaint within 30 business days. All complaints received will be handled in accordance with the law, GLS internal regulations and good business practice.

Don't want delivery of your parcel to a GLS ParcelShop?

Don't want delivery of your parcel to a GLS ParcelShop?

If you have received a message to say that your parcel is at the GLS ParcelShop and you don't know why it has gone there, there may have been an error or communication problem. Couriers do not leave parcels at pick-up points without informing you.

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The Customer Support Centre is available on info@gls-slovenia.com to help you We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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The Customer Support Centre is available every business day on +386 1 500 11 50 from 07:30 until 19:00.


Refunds for missing online purchases

Did you know that all online retailers give the option of returning any purchases you are not fully satisfied with? How can you request a refund?