GLS PAY is an online module that allows your customers a single integration of not only payment cards, but also other payment cards methods such as GoCrypto, mBills, VALÚ and Flik. Likewise, in cooperation with Lab4Pay , we offer clients competitive commissions of card payments in Slovenia.

gls manager

GLS Pay Manager

GLS PAY manager allows customers to review transactions in real time and the possibility of advanced analytics, filtering and exports for accounting purposes.

GLSPay payment modul

GLSPay payment module

The GLS PAY module enables fast and secure payment with cards (Visa and Mastercard) and other payment methods such as GoCrypto, mBills, Flik, ​​and soon VALÚ.

The interface itself is adapted both for payment via computer, tablet or mobile phone.


GLS Pay is a result of years of sucesfull cooperation between GLS and Lab4Pay

After several years of successful cooperation with the company Lab4Pay, which is a specialist in the field of payment methods, we discussed about how to further increase our competitive position on the market with development solutions. At the same time our development ideas are always focused on the advantages and benefits that we provide to our business partners and recipients. The idea of ​​GLS Pay was born.

With the integration, which is really done very quickly and safely-with 11 clicks, the customer gets a very special analytical tool, which we call GLS Manager, with the help of which one can actually analyze his business, as it enables us to perform various analyzes and obtain various statistics.

So we provide our customers with all payment methods in one plugin and very competitive card payment fees.