National deliveries

Parcels shipped through via GLS arrive quickly and safely. Safe transport of goods within a defined standard time is the strength of GLS. Parcels sent nationally usually arrive at the destination on the next business day.

GLS provides postal services from Monday to Friday, during the normal work schedule.

The shipped goods can be combined with optional services, meaning that GLS can also fulfil special delivery requests.


The standard product for national shipping of goods.


Domestic shipping tailor-made for small and fragile goods.


GLS makes timely deliveries in most Romanian cities before 12 noon, the next business day.


GLS provides urgent postal services in most of Romania for small and fragile goods before 12 noon, on the next business day.

International deliveries

GLS delivers goods throughout Europe, the standard delivery time to neighbouring countries is usually between 24 and 72 hours, and to most countries within 72 to 120 hours. The quality of services is uniformly high throughout Europe - first-class international shipments.


GLS delivers goods to 40 European countries. The stable parcel network allows fast and secure delivery of shipments.


The delivery of small and fragile goods is particularly safe with GLS - throughout Europe. The parcels are sorted separately and transported in special bags.