Delivery options

The delivery options are available as soon as you receive an email or text message from GLS with shipping information.

Only in the case of commercial contracts concluded with legal entities based on individual negotiated offers, you can also select and influence the delivery according to your wishes. Even before a shipment is actually delivered to you, GLS provides you a variety of delivery options.

Through a second email or text message, GLS informs you concerning the estimated time when your order will arrive, even indicating a three hour delivery interval. This way, you'll know if anyone is at the address that day to accept the shipment.

If this does not happen and you miss the first delivery attempt, the delivery options are available again. You will receive an email or a text message containing a link that directs you to the delivery options for your shipment. You can select the most appropriate way to receive your shipment for the second delivery attempt.

Choose a delivery date

You can choose a specific date. You have four business days after the first estimated delivery date to select a new date. Just select the option "New delivery date" and confirm. GLS will deliver the shipment on the desired day.

Enter the new address

You can choose to have your shipment delivered to a different address than the one you originally specified when placing your order. Choose the "New Delivery Address" option, enter the new address and confirm. GLS will instantly forward your shipment.

Pick up from a GLS location

You can choose to pick up a shipment from a GLS location. Simply select the option "Personal pick up from a GLS contact point" and confirm.

Shipment refusal

You can refuse to pick up an online shipment. For example, this option could be considered if you did not order the products or if you cancelled the order. Simply select the "Refuse" option and confirm. GLS will transport the shipment back to the sender.

Delivery Process

GLS delivers shipments on weekdays, from Monday to Friday - within the territory of Romania, usually within 24 hours. However, this standard delivery time is not certified or guaranteed. Shipments are transported by road, so traffic jams can lead to delays.

GLS Delivery van driving

Delivery service

For the postal services provided, with the exception of the Express service and the services already mentioned, GLS ensures the delivery to the recipients of an internal postal consignment within 5 business days from the pick up date of the postal consignment.

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Forwarding Options

If the sender has activated the FlexDeliveryService service, you can influence the delivery of the shipment by choosing from a range of delivery options from the GLS Delivery Management Menu.