Occasional Shipments

Manage your entire shipment of postal consignments on the Internet. With the help of our online platform, GLS provides you with a convenient solution for collecting, sending and delivering online postal consignments, available for both individuals and companies with occasional shipping needs.

Shippers can arrange all stages of shipping online, including payment and printing of labels. After preparing the mailing, senders must deliver it to a GLS access point. Our offer is available for national and international shipments.

It is not necessary to install software, but it is necessary to create an account. After registration, shippers can immediately start the online shipping process.

Your benefits

Register on the site with just a few clicks, and your data will be kept confidential
Place your shipping order quickly and easily
Send parcels to 25 European countries
Pay the cost of ordered postal services online
You can collect cash on delivery for shipments postal consignments sent in Romania

maximum RON 2,000 per postal consignment

Delivery of shipments at GLS access points

Convenient shipping: After preparing online the postal consignments, the senders can hand them over to a GLS access point, of their choice. Senders can choose from a wide list of access points throughout the country.


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International Shipments

Shipments to over 25 countries.

Delivery Time

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GLS locations

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