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GLS is aware that we all share the same space. For this reason, the protection of the environment is an integral part of the GLS logistics strategy. In fact, sustainability is one of our five fundamental values, a driving force that each of our employees puts into practice every single day.
Reduction of emissions, responsible handling and use of resources, and waste recycling are the key elements of the program.
In line with the goals we have set for ourselves, we are focusing on a wide range of measures concerning means of delivery, transport planning and the structural characteristics of buildings.
The methods adopted to achieve this ambition are scrupulously controlled. All our efforts to achieve the desired results for each individual field of action and their respective progress are regularly monitored.

climate protect climate protect

Looking to the future with Climate Protect

The current environmental crisis calls for increasingly urgent measures to combat climate change. Governments and companies in several countries are actively reacting to this situation by implementing initiatives to reduce pollution and protect the environment. In April 2021, GLS unveiled its ambitious ClimateProtect project, with the long-term goal of emissions cancellation and environmental neutrality by 2045/50. A milestone that will be achieved through the progressive development of activities with intermediate steps: a first phase with the offsetting of CO₂ emissions from well-to-wheel for which we have already obtained the EN 16258:2012 certificate. In the second and third phases, the focus will be on increasing reductions in CO₂ emissions.

EN 16258:2012 certificate - GLS Italy
treedom GLS forest

Treedom Project

In cooperation with Treedom, we have created the 'GLS Forest', which will absorb 1,435 tonnes of CO₂. This project is a gift from us to the environment, as well as a renewal of our commitment to protect the Planet and offer a better world to future generations.


GLS Group was awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Certificate

The GLS Group's commitment to connecting people around the world with an eye to protecting the environment for all future generations has been recognized through the awarding of the EcoVadis prize. EcoVadis is an international environmental sustainability rating provider trusted by more than 90,000 companies. In formulating its ratings, EcoVadis examines a number of parameters within the categories of environment, sustainable procurement, as well as ethics and labor and human rights. The GLS Group's high rating by EcoVadis thus reflects the company's efforts across the spectrum of corporate social responsibility. The GLS Group's score of 80/100 for its environmental impact places it among the top 7% of listed companies in the industry. This outstanding score is the result of a long-standing strategy on environmental sustainability. For more than ten years, the GLS Group and its local partners have pursued the consistent goal of reducing its environmental footprint. The result of this success is clear: in one year we went from EcoVadis' "Silver" award to a "Gold" award.

Father and child in the middle of nature

GLS Group Environmental Standard

Discover the guideline for the minimisation of environmental impacts by GLS Group:

• Ambition

• Validity

• Emissions reduction

• Sustainability resolutions

• Investments

• Transparent reporting

• Communication

• Accountability